The Real Reason the FBI Raided Trump: 13 Things Every American Should Know

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The weaponized and politicized FBI raid on Trump is reminiscent of Venezuela, not America.

The political raid by the FBI on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Florida home is important. In fact, it’s MORE important, than Trump himself.

Like Trump or not, this raid is about justice and our American Constitution, and our Constitutional Republic.

If you love America and freedom, you should be shaken, and frightened by this unprecedented raid against a political opponent.

You should be in tears.

You should feel outrage.

You should be brokenhearted by the corruption and abuse of power by the FBI and Department of Justice.

There is one overriding reason the FBI abused its power, and the Biden Administration allowed it.

Here are 13 things you should know that the media is censoring:

#1: Why the raid on Trump’s home took place?

The pretense they are peddling for the raid is that President Trump took boxes of documents during his move from Washington DC to Mar-a-Lago. A bureaucrat in the National Archive Records complained to the Department of Justice giving the justice department a rationale for the invasion.

But the reality is, it is more political theatre and drama in an effort to make it impossible for President Trump to run for reelection.

It’s the politics of destruction by an ideological bureaucracy.

But why now? Why take such a historic action?

#2: The Hidden, Unseen Reason Behind the Raid

The swamp will do whatever necessary to protect itself.

Like Trump or not, the swamp hated him. He was not willing to go along with the establishment and was at constant battle with the Obama ideologs who were in the State Department, the EPA, the Department of Education, and much more. Opposing, resisting, and trying to destroy any policy that did not benefit them, or any efforts to expose their dirty deeds.

#3: Double Standard

Even if the National Archive’s premise were true, let’s look at these claims in comparison with Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 deleted emails, her private email server, used for official White House business, and the subsequent deleted classified documents from that destroyed server. A server she destroyed after she was subpoenaed. Why wasn’t, or hasn’t, Hillary Clinton been raided?

And what is the status of the FBI’s investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop, his business dealings with foreign energy boards, or those pesky photos of Hunter with what appear to be underage girls. There are federal and felony crimes documented on that laptop.  Why wasn’t or hadn’t Hunter been raided?

Sadly, there are many, many more examples of the double standard.

#4:  What happened?

Without any warning, the FBI, with more than 30 men, entered Donald Trump’s home taking boxes of what they wanted, including breaking into a safe. Spending hours searching – and keeping Trump’s lawyers outside and cameras off.

#5: What should have happened?

The raid was outrageous and unnecessary. The Trump team claims that they have been cooperative with the Department of Justice’s requests to date.

The Department of Justice could have simply issued a subpoena.

But a raid? Outrageous. Unprecedented. Dangerous.

They also could have done a special council. But a raid?

#6: Over the top criminalization of Trump

The ultimate outcome for the media is to create the perception that Donald Trump is a criminal, insinuating that he is hiding secrets he doesn’t want people to know. That’s become the biased media narrative.

#7: The Left Laughs and is Thrilled at the Embarrassment and Corruption of the Truth

The media and big tech were overjoyed in painting Donald Trump to be a criminal and delighting in the fact that the raid had taken place at all.

#8: Judge Biased or Deluded?

The judge that issued the decision allowing the FBI to raid former President Trump is an attorney with years in the Department of Justice and worked on a legal support team for the sexual predator Epstein, Epstein’s pilot, even his scheduler. This attorney could not be trusted, and even if he could be, the FBI has a habit, and has been proven to lie to judges, withhold truth and substantial facts, and to mislead.

His name is Bruce Reinhart and he is an Obama contributor and has written numerous posts attacking Trump. He is a biased judge.

#9: Trump: Most Attacked, Yet Most Open and Transparent President in History

Whether Donald Trump is right or wrong, he has never been secretive or tried to hide. He has probably been the most transparent president in American history. He was more open to questions and more straightforward than any president in modern time, holding hours-long press conferences regularly, and without the need for handlers, notecards and scripts that are required by the current admin. Whatever the accusations are against President Trump, transparency is not one of them.

#10: FBI D.C. Field Office Corruption

Those who organized the FBI raid were the same controversial individuals involved in the phony set up by the FBI in a plot to kidnap Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitner. To the FBI’s embarrassment, shame, and disgrace, this case collapsed and was laughed out of court because it was all a set up by the FBI. Are they also involved in cover up of Hunter Biden’s laptop? Or keeping the truth out of the 2020 election?  We are looking at a weaponized alphabet agency, with a documented record of campaign contributions to democrat candidates.

#11: Justice Department Influence in the 2024 Election

The DOJ and the FBI tried to destroy President Trump in 2016 when he was running for office. They then destroyed his term in office with one investigation after another, never coming clean about the Russian propaganda and the set up against President Trump. This raid will influence the 2022 elections and it may destroy President Trump for the 2024 election. This type of interference in American politics must stop.

#12: Real Deep State Target: You and American Values

The real corruption has to do with the American values and our liberty. The founders of America never envisioned bureaucrats trying to influence an election. They didn’t envision a bureaucracy so large that it could be non-transparent and abusive in its power. American citizens are the ultimate target. You, me, our freedom, and like it or not, our money.

#13: FBI Corruption and Abuse of Power – Time to Start Over

The FBI and DOJ, and many of the other bureaucracies are so corrupt and so filled with ideologs and not professionals.  It’s time to start over again, not reform. It’s time to reimagine what the FBI should be and start with a new group of people who are not part of the political cabal that has been used in the last 20 years.

The Republic, and the elected representatives, must work together to stop the abuse of power.


Why We Must Vote NOW!

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26 Comments on “The Real Reason the FBI Raided Trump: 13 Things Every American Should Know”

    1. We, the people., actually were first, starting many years ago. I became more aware of it during the Obama administration. Speaking openly about what goes on in government has been a problem even before I was born.

      I do not know wha to do except ask God for mercy. Mankind certainly does not give it.

  1. Dear Reader,

    I’m very disgusted with the FBI and the entire current government in power at this time.
    In addition to all the things mentioned in the above article. I would like to suggest that TRUMPS entire residence should be swept completely for hidden ELECTRONIC DEVICES left by the corrupt FBI, or any other agency sent to monitor and SPY on the TRUMPS and their election activities as well as other things. I don’t TRUST any one in our Government and especially the CURRENT Administration. They need to get a TRULY Professional, State-of-the-Art Electronics company to examine the entire place, including recreational area’s like the Golf Course. They should even need to SHIELDING the Windows from lasers focusing on the glass that could even make the conversations inside heard with the windows acting like microphones due to the vibration of the glass from conversations inside. Not an easy task.

    Respectfully and by a BIG TRUMP FAN,

    Thomas C. Scott
    Retired Airline Pilot

  2. I think your conclusions are superficial.
    It is more likely that this was an orchestrated “False Flag” by Trump. Trump appointed the current head of FBI. The Economist is more likely correct that this plays into Trump’s hands as a rallying cry as demonstrated by Trump smiling when he got the news. It was entertaining for the Media and Left for sure, but no real damage to Trump will come from it. Only gain.

    Trump implanted his own “Deep State” players as much or more than anyone and His Deep State probably authorized/ enabled the raid.

    I am neither for nor against Trump. Just against your propaganda and knee jerk defense of the obvious.

    1. The Constitution is not propaganda. It is our foundation of this country and this invasion was a violation of our 4th Amendment. The opposition party is sorely afraid of losing the next two major elections which is obviously their reason to invade a man’s home, his castle to leave cameras and other listening devices within it.

      However folks who believe they are above the rest of us, folks who believe they are above the law, folks who refuse to believe that they will never be harmed by the actions of the “Deep State” are usually part of the “Deep State”. They are trolls and not to be trusted. They will harm you and you will love it just like the character Winston in the book 1984.

      By the way, how any fingers am I holding?

      1. Dave,
        your thoughts are so well thought out and backed with excellent data how can I not be convinced?

        You even demonstrated taking a discussion about an event to a personal insult and ill wish.

    2. Dear “Craig is easily fooled
      You are an IDIOT! Glad your type is few and far between.
      Have a bad day!

  3. Thank you for sharing and I truly pray all Americans that truly love this country go out and vote for the only president that cares about America. Donald Trump!

  4. That broke my heart when I heard about them breaking into the Trumps home. They knew he was gone so thats why they did it when they did. I am worried that they planted things in his house and will hold him accountable for something they planted. The Democrats are so evil and revengeful that they will do anything they can to President Trump and the Republicans. It scares me to think if they cheat again in the upcoming election like they did in the last election America will be just like every other country in the world, a Socialism Country!! God have mercy on America or we are in for so much more of what we have right now!! American people please pray for our Freedom and our representitives that will be running America!!!

  5. I was so outraged I called all 4 of my Congressmen and both my Senators the very next morning. I called the White House comment line as well! I was asking what our next step was and who is going to lead us. I told each of them I couldn’t just sit on my hands for 3 more months. After all we pay taxes, we vote and we call our representatives but they have gone to far and something more has to be done. I am a great grandmother and I am willing to take to the streets of DC if necessary. No answer back as of yet.
    Were the FBI involved in the January 6th plot as well? I believe they set up Trump and are trying to set us all up to act out now. Pray against evil spirits and principalities in high places and hold the line fellow Patriots. What they sew they shall reap and Truth shall prevail. Amen

  6. Vickie Best and Deanne Bull, please continue to pray for all the uncounted unemployed. We agree with you, but are busy applying for work. Every day. For the past 2 years.
    Cynthia A Dreps.

  7. The left is scared to death of President Trump and do whatever they can to defeat him. What ever the outcome, the left will pay for this action for years to come.

  8. What’s the difference between the DOJ , FBI and the former SA of Germany
    Nothing , they were all weaponized to do the biding of the corrupt.

  9. I am outraged at how low the left side will go to, trying to accuse and cover up their own problems, such as Hunter, Hillary, etc, etc, that has happened to them. They will push their own issues “under the rug” and ignore them. But, as noted, whether or not Trump was right or wrong with having the boxes of documents, they are claiming, this whole situation, in my opinion, has been wrongfully handled. It’s unfair and outrageous to handle it in this manner. Definitely, I hope and pray the elections will bring some TRUE JUSTICE to our nation, once again.

  10. Dear Gov. Mike,

    Thank you so much! YOU ARE SPOT ON!
    RE: THE INVASION of “President” Trump’s Home! This action on a former President is unprecedented and unconscionable! In my 84 years as a citizen, born in Sacramento, CA, of our beloved United States of America, I have never seen anything like this! God bless and help our Country and protect and bless former President Donald Trump, our former Great First Lady, Melanie and the entire Trump Family!

  11. Sorry, Kennedy assassination is what really showed America what Washington DC was all about. Until this very day FBI and ALL Secret Service has never uncovered his cerebral cortex nor brain matter (pooft! Gone!) There was an inkling of something really nefarious underway with Sen. Joe McCarthy’s five month long unfolding of Foreign “Agents” recruited into all branches of US Intel agencies(they were given US citizenship). Finally, Hollywood shut him down. Sorry, really sorry, the saddest part of this saga is “IKE” Eisenhower with then President of Ford Foundation “going over to the other side” with the CFR _Council of Foreign Relations. CFR is a web of really nasty operatives. In closing, Washington DC is “The Swamp.” Amen. God Bless America. Read A Bible. KJV. God Is In Control. Psalm 128. 10 Commandments everywhere. All politics are local…Individuals/Family/Community. Fight,Team,Fight.

  12. Your analysis of the raid on President Trump’s Florida home is correct. I don’t think this will ruin Trump’s chance for reelection, it will have the opposite effect. The Democrat’s continued attack of Trump and his family is only promoting his 2024 victory.

  13. Biden has turned the United States of America intu a communist country all of the above comments are ne hundred percent factual trump knew his friends and enemies he had a great relationship with Russia China and North Korea if trump was currently our president the Ukrania n war would never have happened including weapons and cash we have given them $65billion dollars the families of the 12soldiers killed can barely make ends meet soldiers are living in homes infiltrated by cockroaches and black mold, there are are 553000homeless 5 million illegal immigrants have come to America 443000american children are in foster care 2.5million children in America are homeless crime inflation, etc are the highest ever we need an honest caring business man like trump to run our country now, it is almost too late please vote for trump GOD bless and save America, Joe

  14. Obama injected his communist propaganda into everything here in America, before he left office. Trump tried to stop it, all the communist Dem’s refused, and some Republicans! It really is an EVIL SWAMP! What we are seeing, & hearing is clearly to take over America, these leaders are the same as the Monsters of Beijing, look how money bought glowing descriptions of Soros, and BLM, all lie’s! So those who were slow to investigate, back when we still had the truth, are stupid, and think they know, a lot of folks are terrified and can’t face that they put these Crooks in Charge!

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