“Vote For, Not Against, Your Biblical Values”

Know the Candidates, Judges and Propositions from a Christian Worldview and Honor God with Your Vote

Webinar hosted by Craig Huey

Just Some of What You'll Discover

  • Candidates: Learn where the candidates for Governor, U.S. Senate, Congress and other candidates stand on the issues to see if they are compatible with your core Biblical values. Discover which positions might be destructive to those values.
  • Ballot propositions: Local and state propositions can be complex, tricky and misleading. Don’t be fooled! Each proposition will be explained, and the pros and cons discussed.  
  • Judges: Which are at war with a Biblical worldview?  


Craig Huey, author, national TV commentator 

Craig Huey is author and publisher of Reality Alert, a Bible teacher and a frequent guest on TV including Fox and radio stations such as KKLA, KWVE and KBRT. He is the president of ElectionForum.org, his popular website that shows more than half a million Christians how to vote their values. Craig speaks at conferences and churches worldwide.