Stop Voter Fraud Now: Demand All 50 States Must Require Voter I.D. [Sign Our Petition]

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Voter fraud is a very dangerous reality in the United States today.

That’s why we have a voter ID petition to put pressure on state and national leaders, and media, to act.

Voter ID will make it nearly impossible to commit voter fraud.

Without voter ID, there are multiple ways to commit fraud. [Click HERE to sign].

For example, duplicate voter registration and “dead voters” have an impact on our elections. Votes are tweaked and manipulated by double registrations and people who vote for the deceased.

Ballot harvesting in the 30 states where it’s legal leads to fraud and corrupted elections.

And without voter ID, illegal ballot harvesting can happen and nobody would be able to notice or verify that fraud took place.

Voter fraud makes a mockery of your right to choose a candidate who will uphold your principles and beliefs.

The best solution to voter fraud is stricter voter ID laws.

Showing proof of voter eligibility with a voter ID does not deny a person the right to vote, nor does it discriminate against any person.

Right now:

  • 34% of states have no voter ID requirement.
  • 24% have non-strict, non-photo voter ID laws.
  • 20% have non-strict, photo voter ID laws.
  • 6% have strict, non-photo ID laws.
  • Only 16% have strict photo ID laws.

Protecting the integrity of our electoral process is essential to having a viable Republic.

We need to demand that all voters must present valid photo identification at polls in all the 50 states.

Together, let’s STOP Voter Fraud in this nation.

Make your voice heard and urge your state legislature – and Congress – to enact strict voter ID laws.

Sign the petition by clicking HERE.

What do you think? Let me know at

16 Comments on “Stop Voter Fraud Now: Demand All 50 States Must Require Voter I.D. [Sign Our Petition]”

  1. If we don’t get our state legislators to clear the Voter. rolls of dead people and illegal voters. their wont be another fair election

  2. I am sure when President Trump gets back in & the HS does the Lord’s will we will have voter ID this time around, And it’s coming sooner than most think. Thank you Jesus

  3. Voting rights is one of the most important rights of citizens. Of course I.D. should be required to prevent anyone not eligible from voting.

  4. We love that you are fighting the good fight Craig! But the public is leery of signing so-called petitions for organization’s own marketing “email collection” so please tell us WHAT you are going to do with this petition please? It would help us share this petition by showing this and then we would have more confidence in your organization. Thanks

  5. Voters must be citizens and shall required to show valid IDs! Yeah if they have an easy for just about everything else in this life in this country it only makes sense that it be required for voting. Thank you for your efforts toward making this happen!
    Stop voter fraud now!

  6. Do you think other countries will allow us to vote in their elections if we are not citizens ? I don’t think so……..

  7. Resistance to Voter ID is admission of desire to cheat. Our Democratic Republic will not survive without Voter ID and vigilance at the polls.

  8. Voters must be vetted and be citizens of these great United States in order to vote!
    ID’s should be required for certain.

  9. Only US citizens should be allowed to vote in their home state. For this reason, IDs should be required and verified at time of voting..

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