2018 Primary Election | US Senator Statement

It’s a tragedy for California – really sad.

No Republican running has the:

1) Money

2) Collected data of potential voters

3) Is able to properly market with a professional digital and targeted direct mail campaign.

4) Get Out the Vote campaign (GOTV)


Without those four elements, their efforts are a waste of time.

This means two very bad candidates will run against each other – Dianne Feinstein and Kevin De Leon.

There are 32 candidates. I know many personally.

For example, Arun Bhumitra, a successful businessman and Herb Peters, a Libertarian Christian and a warrior for liberty running as a Democrat.

Conservatives needed one candidate to get behind to come in #2. They don’t have it.


The top candidates to oppose Feinstein and Kevin De Leon are:

  • Tom Palzer is great on the issues and very active in the political process. I rated him a “4”.
  • Erin Cruz is the favorite of the Tea Party and is better than all the others for her energy, enthusiasm, and communication skills. I can’t get her to fill out our questionnaire and have no clue where she stands on some issues. Therefore, I rate her a “3”.
  • Paul Taylor is awesome on most of the issues and is trying to bring Christians together.


With all their good intentions and hopes of supporters, any Republican coming close to the #2 spot would be a miracle. In this case, it would not be “strategically limiting evil” by going with a viable candidate.

So, in this case, we have given Paul Taylor a 5-star rating and endorsement.

Here is the current polling the money each candidate has:

Candidate Polling (%) Funds raised ($)
Dianne Feinstein 32% $14,163,735
Kevin De Leon 8% $1,006,056
Tom Palzer 0% $18,106
Paul Taylor 0% $8,493
Erin Cruz 0% $16,616


Incidentally, it would have taken about $800,000 for one of these candidates to come in #2 to take on Feinstein.

Here are the candidate’s ratings on the issues:





Conservative/Biblical Worldview (%)


Liberal/Secular Worldview (%)

More Government Programs (%) Less Government Programs (%)
Dianne Feinstein 6% 94% 80% 20%
Kevin De Leon 0% 100% 88% 12%
Tom Palzer 89% 11% 19% 81%
Paul Taylor 96% 4% 9% 91%
Erin Cruz 63% 37% 14% 86%