It’s a tragedy for California – really sad.


No Republican running has the:

1) Money

2) Collected data of potential voters

3) Is able to properly market with a professional digital and targeted direct mail campaign.

4) Get Out the Vote campaign (GOTV)


Without those four elements, their efforts are a waste of time.


This means two very bad candidates will run against each other – Dianne Feinstein and Kevin De Leon.


There are 32 candidates. I know many personally.

For example, Arun Bhumitra, a successful businessman and Herb Peters, a Libertarian Christian and a warrior for liberty running as a Democrat.


Conservatives needed one candidate to get behind to come in #2. They don’t have it.


The top candidates to oppose Feinstein and Kevin De Leon are:

  • Tom Palzer is great on the issues and very active in the political process. I rated him a “4” out of 5.
  • Erin Cruz is the favorite of the Tea Party and is better than all the others for her energy, enthusiasm, and communication skills. Therefore, I rate her a “5”.
  • Paul Taylor is awesome on most of the issues and is trying to bring Christians together. I rate him a “5”.


With all their good intensions and hopes of supporters, any coming close to the #2 would be a miracle. So, in researching candidates, it’s not intelligently “strategically limiting evil” by going with a viable candidate.


So, in this case, we have given Paul Taylor a 5-star rating and endorsement. I wouldn’t have a problem recommending Paul or Erin – and would in a second if they had money to compete.

Here is the current polling the money each candidate has:


CandidatePolling (%)Funds raised ($)
Dianne Feinstein32%$14,163,735
Kevin De Leon8%$1,006,056
Tom Palzer0%$18,106
Paul Taylor0%$8,493
Erin Cruz0%$16,616



Incidentally, it would have taken about $800,000 for one of these candidates to come in #2 to take on Feinstein.

Here are the candidate’s ratings on the issues:






Conservative/Biblical Worldview (%)


Liberal/Secular Worldview (%)

More Government Programs (%)Less Government Programs (%)
Dianne Feinstein6%94%80%20%
Kevin De Leon0%100%88%12%
Tom Palzer89%11%19%81%
Paul Taylor96%4%9%91%
Erin Cruz96%4%10%90%