Vin Scully: Man of faith returns

Craig HueyReality Alert, Uncategorized

Anyone who has listened to a dodger game knows Vin Scully’s voice.

In 1950 he began announcing the Brooklyn Dodgers.

And after 65 years, he returns for another season.

Scully is a committed Catholic Christian who has suffered some tragic personal losses.

He says, “The worst thing you can do in times of trial is top stop praying. The tough moments are when you need God the most. He’s always there and more than happy to give us his help; we need only ask for it. There are so many good things about the Church, but that might be the most essential thing I’ve learned from it: the importance of continual communication with God.”

When he announced his decision, he said “all I can say is thank, God and please God, for another year.”

Prayer Point: Pray for God to be glorified in high profile people like Vin.

What a wonderful story. Have you ever heard Vin Scully announce a Dodger game? Tell me of your experience, I would love to hear it at