Trump’s Temporary Immigration Stay: What Should Christians Think? [Video]

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Trump’s Temporary Immigration Stay: What Should Christians Think? [Video]

Is Trump’s temporary refugee ban from 7 countries a good thing?

Should Christians object to it?

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins explains to Stuart Varney of Fox News why Trump has a right to do this, and why Christians should not be alarmed our concerned about it.

In particular, Perkins cites this verse:

“I said to them, “The gates of Jerusalem are not to be opened until the sun is hot. While the gatekeepers are still on duty, have them shut the doors and bar them. Also appoint residents of Jerusalem as guards, some at their posts and some near their own houses.”” (Nehemiah 7:3)

Check out the video below:

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4 Comments on “Trump’s Temporary Immigration Stay: What Should Christians Think? [Video]”

  1. We must respect the fact that we are not privy to the the intelligence briefings that are at the disposal of the President, and as it his his primary job to protect us from anyone outside our borders, and surely he would be blamed in any case were something tragic to happen, he has every right and the responsibility to do whatever he deems necessary to that end.

  2. Leave it to the lefties on the 9th Circuit to endanger us by their ideological (and illogical) stand to oppose President Trump just because he won the election. If we sustain a jihadist attack from an immigrant let in by this craziness, the 9th circuit will have American blood on their hands.

  3. Dear Craig,

    Thank you for your Reality Alert newsletters, I enjoy reading them. I am however burdened by president Trump’s indefinite ban on Syrian refugees (which is different than the temporary ban on the 7 countries) I have several thoughts on this issue.
    First, we need to recognize that radical Islamic terrorism is a real threat, but it needs to be viewed in proper perspective, especially regarding refugees. Since 2001 the US has admitted over 784,000 refugees (from all around the world) and during that time there have been no fatal terror attacks by refugees (your newsletter highlighted some of the non fatal ones). But lets compare that with the fact that during the same time period, over 240,000 homicides were committed in the US (1). Again the threat is real, but let us view it with perspective.
    Second, there is great human cost to not allowing Syrian refugees into the US, compared with only a small potential increase in security. I know the US is under no obligation to accept non-citizens into our land, but as Christians do we not have a moral obligation to care for the hurting and homeless? Syrian refugees have suffered traumas that most Americans can’t even imagine, and by not allowing them in we are ending the hopes of tens of thousands of people for a future. Ten of thousands of men, women and children, not just potential terrorist threats, but real people whom God loves.
    Third, I don’t expect secular Americans to care for others, but we who are Christians certainly should. It is at the core of the gospel and of life in the Kingdom of God. By not allowing them in, we are missing a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate our faith in serving and caring for “the least of these.” Also God is presenting an opportunity to bring the unreached peoples of the world to us and we are telling them they aren’t wanted here!
    My hope and prayer is for us to search our hearts and continually be asking God for his heart in this situation and many of other difficult political issues of our time. Thank you.


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