Trump’s Faith Advisors

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Trump’s Faith Advisors

After the meeting I had with evangelical leaders, (see “My Meeting With Donald Trump—14 Things You Should Know”) Trump set up “faith advisors.”
This new group of 25 who’s-who in the Evangelical world has another mission: To help Trump reach out to an Evangelical community that is either decidedly for Trump, on the fence, or #NeverTrump.
Here is a list of his high-profile Faith Advisers:
Big Names

1. James Dobson, Founder of Focus on the Family

He had endorsed U.S. Senator from Texas Ted Cruz.

2. Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University
Falwell succeeded his father Jerry Falwell (who had endorsed Ronald Reagan in 1980).
He was one of the first Evangelical leaders to endorse Trump early.

3. Richard Land, seminary President and Southern Baptist leader
He has served on numerous culture and ethics commissions, including among Southern Baptists as well as US International Commission on Religious Freedom.
He had endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012, a stunning departure of a man who had never endorsed Presidential candidates before.


4. Paula White, Florida evangelist
She enjoys a widespread following among diverse communities in the United States. She has been friends with Donald Trump for at least 15 years and declared at a 10,000 Florida rally: “Trump needs to be our next President.”

5. Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Faith Movement Televangelists (Texas)
They had supported Ted Cruz early on. They have not endorsed Donald Trump, but have prayed for him.

6. Mark Burns, South Carolina pastor and TV host
He was a Trump supporter early on, although he admitted voting for Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in the past.

7. James Robison, founder of LIFE Outreach International (Texas)
He was involved in politics in the 1980s, then withdrew for a time. George W. Bush had contacted him when he shared that he was running for President. He has also worked with other Evangelicals on what to do to replace Barack Obama.
Southern Baptists
8. Ronnie Floyd, former President of the Southern Baptist Convention (Arkansas)
Floyd endorsed Mike Huckabee when he ran for President in 2007.

9. Robert Jeffress, author and Texas megachurch pastor
Jeffress is a frequent Fox News commentator. He endorsed Texas Governor Rick Perry for President in 2011.

10. David Jeremiah, author and pastor in California
He first got involved in politics in 2012, endorsing Mitt Romney for President.

11. Jack Graham, Texas pastor and evangelist
He endorsed Mike Huckabee in 2008.

12. James McDonald, Chicago Megachurch pastor
Republican Leaders

13. Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Congresswoman

14. Ralph Reed

The Megachurch Pastors
15. Robert Morris, author and Gateway megachurch pastor (Texas)

16. Jentzen Franklin, pastor and author (Georgia and California)

17. Harry Jackson, pastor in Maryland
He current serves as the President Bishop of the International Communion of Evangelical Churches. He supported George W. Bush and then John McCain. He had served on Ted Cruz’ advisory board.

18. Tony Suarez, executive vice president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
He endorsed Marco Rubio for President.

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5 Comments on “Trump’s Faith Advisors”

  1. I am very encouraged to see that these well respected leaders will be advising Trump on matters of faith and religious liberty. Thank you, Craig for providing this information.

  2. WOW ! I fear for the future. I looked at the list of clergy and politicians who claim to be pro-life and endorsed the republican who have abortion and amnesty in their record like Mitt Romney,Rick Perry and Mike Huckabee. Now Huckabee is clear on his amnesty and have never voted for abortion but he said he would leave the GOP if they compromised on pro life and traditional marriage. He knew at the time he made that statement the GOP had confirmed 100% of Obama’s gay activist judges and Roe-v-Wade is a GOP policy.This is why America is lost.

  3. Thus saith the Lord: “These are NOT the chosen people for this Appointment,” says the Lord. “..for I have chosen another and have prepared this particular person for these upcoming duties. The others have already had their time in the ministry spotlight….I have chosen another for this duty…NONE of them who are listed have been chosen as selectees as Mr. Trumps faith advisor,” says the Most High God.

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