Trump Wins, Hillary Crushed: What Pastors, Christians, and Voters Did to Shake Up the Race

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Donald Trump in New Hampshire (Credit: Michael Vadon)

The 2016 Presidential election primary in New Hampshire shook up the Presidential race.

Here are the 7 things you should know:

  1. The Evangelical vote was split!

Historically, Evangelical Christians do not register (about 50% in most churches) or don’t vote (over 50% of registered Evangelicals did not vote in the 2012 Presidential Election)

Ted Cruz is out to change that. He was successful in Iowa, winning the #1 spot because of his purpose-driven campaign to motivate the church (see this article for details).

He was successful in Iowa with 64% of the vote from Evangelicals, up 79% from 2012. That’s a significant number to turn a win. The majority of Evangelical votes for Cruz … and Trump, Rubio, and Carson picked about third from the rest.

But New Hampshire is the least religious state in the nation, just behind Vermont.

25% of the New Hampshire voters were Evangelical vs. 64% in Iowa and 60% in the upcoming South Carolina election.

So, the Evangelical vote was split, unlike Iowa:

Cruz … 24%

Trump … 23%

Rubio … 14%

Jeb … 12%

Kasich … 10%

Carson … 7%

Fiorina … 5%

Christie … 4%

  1. Trump Exceeded expectations.

Trump was predicted to be in trouble. NO WAY:

Trump took in 35% of the vote, more than the next three candidates combined.

This win gets him out of the Iowa “loser” image to a big winner.

And it set him up for another win in the next primary state, South Carolina, on February 20th.

  1. Hillary Clinton was crushed by a 74-year-old socialist. Unbelievable.

The embarrassing final tally:

Sanders (won)1360.0%


Hillary lost almost every group, including women under 65.

She was up over Sanders by 44 points a year ago. And now … what a crash.

Why? Almost everyone voted for Sanders because they didn’t trust Hillary.

  1. Winners, Losers, and Disappointments

Big Winners:

  1. Trump: ran away with the vote
  2. Kasich: disliked by conservatives, libertarians, and Evangelical Christians, but comes in #2
  3. Cruz: coming in 3rd place is never good, but he was supposed to be wiped out, and spent less than $1 million, besting the losers …

Big Losers:

  1. Christie: popular policies, tough talk got him nowhere
  2. Fiorina: couldn’t get momentum
  3. Carson: unable to restore his standing

Big Disappointments:

  1. The Establishment Talking Heads/Liberal Media: thought Trump would fail
  2. Rubio: bad debate led to bad voter results.
  3. Jeb!: wanted #2 spot, ended up with #4 (and spent twenty times what Cruz had spent)
  1. Fallout:

After spending $18 million in New Hampshire and

On our Presidential Central page, we have an article about why Christians, libertarians, conservatives, free market advocates, gun rights supporters, pro-life supporters, and more were consistently opposed to Christie … the worst choice next to Hillary and Bernie.

You can see it here.

  1. Next—South Carolina

The Republican South Carolina Primary is February 20th. The Democratic Primary is February 27th

Trump is establishing a huge media campaign combined with a paid ground game.

Cruz plans to combine his advanced microtargeting with a powerful ground game, and the major pastoral/church Evangelical outreach.

60% of South Carolina voters are Evangelicals. He has 170 pastors, 8,500 volunteers and the best high tech team among all the candidates, except Hillary.

  1. What You Can Do:

Take our Presidential Poll: Click here.

Visit Presidential Central to learn about the remaining Presidential candidates. Click here.

Pass this information on to friends, family, fellow church goers, and coworkers.

Share with me your thoughts: Email me at

In Case You Missed them: here are the finally tallies for the New Hampshire Presidential primary:


Trump (won)1035.3%


Here are the results from the Democratic Primary:


Sanders (won)1360.2%


3 Comments on “Trump Wins, Hillary Crushed: What Pastors, Christians, and Voters Did to Shake Up the Race”

  1. You are overlooking some important things.
    1. The sleazy tactics employed by Cruz in Iowa w the misleading mailer & then spreading the false report w out bothering to check & then even after his staff had been told Carson was not dropping out, they continued to spread the false story in the caucuses & urge Carson supporters to not waste their vote but to switch to Cruz. & Cruz in his apology said that spreading the story was “fair game” really? He does not seem to be using Christian ethics at all in his campaign–rather politics as usual, unlike Carson who would not do such things.

    2. DELEGATE count. You are falling for the media hype & you just gave NH delegate totals. Carson didn’t really campaign much there but is expect to do well in SC.

    Total delegates needed to win 1237.
    Total delegates won–Trump 17, Cruz 10, Rubio 7, Kasich 4, Both Carson & Bush w 3.

    As the head of the RNC said on a Fox interview yesterday its going to take awhile. No one has a lock & anyone could win. Kasich, I understand is not expected to do so well going forward.

    Carson has a strong support base.

    Also, we need both a candidate who can win in Nov & who is conservative & one who can lead once elected.

    Cruz has not shown the ability to work well w others to get things done. He probably would make a brilliant atty gen, but his sleazy tactics are a big turnoff.

    Yesterday I got an email from Cruz campaign. Not sure how he got my email address–maybe I followed a link & commented on his FB page? Anyway it was a plea for a contribution & saying it was down to a 2-man race!

    No, it is not down to a 2-man race.

    Many of us strongly believe that Carson is the best. He looks to God & mentions His guidance. I haven’t really heard Cruz talk much about that, tho of course he is known as an Evangelical. But he certainly is not demonstrating high ethical standards.

    Read Carson’s bio’s & check out his website for his plans on various issues. He is such a problem solver that I think he could actually turn the federal govt around. He has already done so many impossible things & has plans for that.

    So many of us are strongly supporting Carson who is fully in this.

  2. It’s Ben Carson for me — all the way to the White House. Trump spread vicious lies about him that caused him great harm. Cruz lied and cheated to steal his evangelical votes in Iowa (and continues to run a dishonest campaign in SC). The press
    has totally ignored him and done everything they can to marginalize or dismiss his campaign. But We the People know that Dr. Carson is the only candidate who has the wisdom, faith, courage, intellect and integrity to be our next POTUS in this very challenging time in our country’s history. He is only the third person to have been drafted to run for President by We the People. (Washington and Goldwater are the other two.) And he has millions of social media grassroots supporters who are doing what the lamestream media will not do in educating voters and promoting Ben’s campaign. He also received more donation funds last quarter than ANY OTHER CANDIDATE. Learn more about Dr. Carson by going to and If you educate yourself about his plans to heal, inspire, revive and protect America, you will see that he is the right choice in 2016. I’m voting for Ben Carson — and I hope you will, too!

  3. There could be only one nominee in the end. From all the polls and present momentum , Trump is the consistent leader because he has five other competitors to spread the votes. If this trend continues, and no candidate would yield, and no supporters would re-align their selections, we might well end up with Trump.

    Trump is not anywhere we know as a man of faith in actions and in words, the first criterion being someone who would confess his sins before the Creator. He hasn’t asked for forgiveness, he has not done wrong, he lives by his own moral compass. His weapon of persuasion is mockery of opponents. He is not conservative and has no allegiance to the traditional values that are important to us. He has no loyalty to the party platform especially in the perspective of religious liberty. He probably does not understand about personal conviction in the Christian perspective. He has just done the worst thing to disparage a republican president, not on principle but just because his brother a competitor is saying things that hurt his feeling. He is unstable and unfit to be the president.

    Now, if you share the same feeling, please be wise in settling on someone who will beat Trump. If Dr. Carson can, great. We should know after the SC election, or the next.

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