Trump Shake-up: The Awesome, New Cabinet [Video]

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Trump Shake-up: The Awesome, New Cabinet [Video]

The Presidential cabinet to come is exciting and refreshing!

But the media and the liberal politicians are complaining.

Why? Because the cabinet has so many successful business people!

Trump’s Cabinet Designates (Credit:

Instead of arrogant bureaucrats and clueless liberals, Trump has tapped real men and women of industry and promise, who will be stepping up and running the Executive Departments.

These are private sector business leaders, who know how to:

  1. Create jobs
  2. Cut waste and fraud
  3. Get rid of incompetence
  4. Hire the best people for the tasks at hand

Check out this video talking about Trump’s designated Cabinet appointees:

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2 Comments on “Trump Shake-up: The Awesome, New Cabinet [Video]”

  1. I love what he’s doing. To have a non-politician as the POTUS with the business acumen that he has, combined with the impressive relationships that he’s built throughout his career, makes for a very refreshing and optimistic landscape in D.C., which intimidates and causes anxiety to his many ignorant opponents. Once again, I love what he’s doing. And by the way, Trish Regan is not only a great reporter, she’s very easy on the eyes. 😉

  2. Trump could pick Mother Teresa for his cabinet and the crazy, liberal, regressive Left would find SOMETHING to complain about. That’s just their nature. They are going through a period that I call “sour grapes”. They are crying and whining about losing. They need to GROW UP AND GET A LIFE.

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