Top 17 of 2017

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  1. The Media Lie: I Attended a Conference of a “Hate Group” [Video and Petition]
  2. “Evil” Tax Cuts? No, It’s Just Blue-State Panic
  3. Special Report: 12 Surprising, Little-Known Things Every Christian Should Know About the Trump Inauguration [Video]
  4. Pastors’ Free Speech Protection Coming Soon? [Petition]
  5. 7 Critical Things to Know About a Christian Worldview and Politics
  6. Heads Spinning: 12 Shocking Things Every Christian Should Know About U.S. Embassy Moving to Jerusalem
  7. What Happened to Hillsong? 7 Shocking Facts Concerning the Exploding Controversy [Video]
  8. Terrifying: Persecution and Oppression of Christians in India Surprises America [Petition]
  9. 6 Little Known Dangers of the Deep State You Need to Know About [Petition]
  10. Evil Invades the Church: 16 Shocking Realities Every Christian Should Know … But You Won’t Find in the Media [Videos]
  11. The Persecuted Church: What the Vice President Just Revealed [Video]
  12. 7 Shocking Facts: The Liberal Press Bias on Steroids [Video]
  13. How Obamacare is Hurting Patients and the Economy [3 Hidden Dangers]
  14. Chinese Students Stunned and Shaken: The Good News of Jesus Christ
  15. How to Treat Those Who Are Filled With Hate [3 Principles to Live By]
  16. Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference: Salt, Light … and on Fire for Jesus [Videos]
  17. Deep State and Privacy Revelation: Why You Should Be Worried [Video]

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