The Top 16 for 2016

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The Top 16 for 2016

Here are the Top 16 Reality Alert articles from this year.

These are the articles that you must read.

These are the ones that were the most controversial.

They got the most comments or forwards.

They were the 2016 all-stars.

You won’t want to miss these!

  1. Marriage and the Collapse of God’s Best

As a singles pastor 20 years ago, I saw the destruction—spirit, soul, and body—of disregarding God’s word on sex and marriage.

I saw it much too often.

The trend since then has been getting worse and worse.

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  1. My Emergency Meeting in Washington DC – Every 30 Minutes a Christian is Murdered

I have been asked by a coalition of Christian organizations and Congressman Dana Rohrabacher to lead an effort to save the Christians in the Middle East from genocide.

Last week Shelly and I flew to Washington DC for as special meeting in the House of Representatives at the capital.

In this meeting, we discussed how Christians are being discriminated against by:

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  1. America’s 12% Education Factor: Destroying America’s Future

American education is turning into an indoctrination center.

At the college level, universities hire professors based on their political ideology alone.

Nothing to do with their skills or their breadth of knowledge or research.

And none of it is in the best interests of the students.

Today, only 12% of professors in American universities identify as center-right in their political views.

What are the consequences of this destructive bias on our kids, our culture, and our country?

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  1. How the Progressive Left Wins Public Support, and Why Christians Lose

The radical left changes, molds, and activates support for causes. These causes—gun control, gay marriage, blanket amnesty for illegal aliens—should lose, not win.

How do they do it?

I have written and spoken about their use of the new breakthroughs in marketing and advertising. They understand these techniques. Christians and conservatives do not.

One aspect of their ability to achieve these objectives—evil, destructive, oppressive—is what I call in my marketing talks “friendly persuasion”.

One of the keys to “friendly persuasion” is …

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  1. Islamic Terrorists Murder Priest: Is Your Church Next?

Terror and persecution is coming to the churches in the United States.

A glimpse of this just happened when Islamic terrorists killed a priest in France.

Two more jihadis, connected to ISIS, took over the Church of the Gambetta in Normandy, France during its morning mass.

They took five people hostage: one priest, Father Jacques Hamel, two nuns, and …

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  1. Revolutionizing the Church’s Cultural Impact: Free Speech in Church

In my meeting with Donald Trump, he gave me and other Evangelical leaders a huge reason for supporting him.

He impressed me and others when he said he would do away with the Johnson Amendment.

What is that? Why does it matter?

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  1. Mike Pence: What Christians are Saying [Video]

Donald Trump has chosen Evangelical Christian Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana to serve as his Vice Presidential candidate.

The loud, outspoken, sometimes crass Donald Trump has chosen the calm, cool, and collected conservative Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate.

Are you surprised? I know I am!

And I believe he is the best VP candidate in over …

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  1. End Times and ISIS [Video]

Joel Rosenberg explains to a secular audience about Islamic end times viewpoints that drive so much of the terrorism.

Clear and powerful explanation of the false religion and the difference of viewpoints in the Islamic world.

To watch, click here.

What do you think? Email me at

  1. I Met with Trump This Tuesday [Video]

Donald Trump.

Many evangelical Christians are troubled with a choice between Clinton and Trump for President.

So Trump agreed (Clinton has not) to meet with evangelical leaders. At first it was a small group, then 300, then 500, then over 1,000.

Pastors, college and ministry leaders across America.

And Shelly and I.

We all met together in New York City with Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Franklin Graham opened the meeting with a …

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  1. The American Church Under Attack

In Post-WWII Germany, Martin Niemoller spoke compellingly against Protestant Christians’ silent complicity with the Nazi regime. I’ve taken the liberty of adapting his statement to modern-day America.

Why? Because across the United States, Christians are under attack … business owners, homeschoolers, and employees, even the tax-exempt status of churches and organizations, all because of their beliefs.

Please share this adapted poem with friends:

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  1. The Ten Most–and Least–Bible-Minded Cities for 2016

Did your city make the list this year?

Every year, the American Bible Society (ABS) studies which cities are the most Biblically literate and invested. A city in Tennessee has topped the list three out of four years in a row, and three cities from Tennessee made into the Top Ten.

How does the ABS conduct their research? They ask questions about respondents’ Bible reading habits, their belief about the Bible’s accuracy, and other questions.

Here is the Top Ten List for Most Bible-Minded in 2016:

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  1. The Failures of Socialism

Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton.

Joe Biden.

All are advocating different forms of socialism.

But socialism by its very nature creates poverty, stagnation, and oppression …

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  1. Presidential Election 2016 Comparison Graph: Know Where the Candidates Stand on the Political Spectrum

Here are the Presidential candidates at a glance on the left/right political spectrum.

A Christian worldview based on Biblical values would be to maximize freedom and voluntary charity.

On the far left is Communism and Socialism. On the far right is Libertarianism and Anarchism (no government).

In carefully reviewing each candidates’ economic and social policies, this graph shows …

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  1. Top Five Dangerous Trends in American Churches

Kenneth Ham, renowned scientist and CEO for Answers in Genesis has listed five dangerous trends in today’s church.

Here they are:

  1. Watering Down of God’s Word: Churches are accommodating the world’s lies rather than preaching God’s inerrant truth. While congregations are hearing about love and tolerance, what they are really getting is tolerance of sin and death.
  1. Pressure on Marriage and Sexuality: More churches are caving to the …

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  1. Persecution in America and God’s Judgment

In light of the Obama/Clinton attacks on Israel, the Supreme Court on same-sex marriage, and the persecution of Christian business owners and evangelicals, consider this.

Franklin Graham warns that God may bring judgment on America.

Do you agree?

Graham states …

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  1. Top Twelve Urgent Trump Reforms

What should be the first 12 reforms by President Trump and the Republican Congress at the start of 2017?

  1. The Supreme Court: Trump needs to appoint a new, strict constructionist judge to replace Justice Antonin Scalia, who died earlier this year.

President Obama has appointed judicial activists, judges who believe that they can treat the Constitution as a living document whose meaning can be shaped or changed by modern standards. This approach has led to legislating from the bench.

Strict constructionists want to interpret the Constitution and apply it to situations. They do not believe in legislating from the bench, but will respect the spirit and letter of our nation’s charter, including the Bill of Rights.

This is the most important of all Trump’s actions.

  1. Taxes: Trump must reform the following …

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What do you think? Were there any articles from this year that you think belong on this list? Email me at

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