The Hollywood Bible Study to the Stars [video]

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In 1992, Pastor Time Storey started a Bible study in Dyan Cannon’s Beverly Hills house.

It started with 12 people, many well known stars.

Since then Charlton Heston, Charlie Sheen and Robert Downey Jr. … plus other famous people such as Vidal Sassoon have been to Pastor Storey’s studies or counseling by him.

For example, Storey mentions he has had conversations with Kanye West, famous rapper and music producer who professes to be Christian and is the husband of Kim Kardashian.

Storey also has a relationship with Charlie Sheen, stating that “he is trying to learn about himself, he’s trying to work through his own challenges, and we have amazing talks about God… Just like a parent or mentor, sometimes we wish our children or our students would make different choices. And even at a faster pace. I’ve obviously wished that for Charlie. I’m still very hopeful that he will continue to make better choices.”

Storey says a lot of people who attend his Bible study become Christians months later.

Pastor Storey is not ashamed of the gospel… and he is willing to go anywhere.

For example, he spoke at Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday. Here’s what he says about this talk: “The reason I would speak at Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday, I see it similar to the Apostle Paul speaking on Mars Hill… I’m going to talk about the God of Beyond. I’m going to talk about Jehovah. He thinks beyond. He dreams beyond. He creates beyond. And just like I do in the Hollywood Bible Study, I will tell them about a Jesus of Beyond.”

Storey has now planted a new church in Yorba Linda, California.

There are some theological controversies, but here are some videos of Pastor Storey:

Watch an interview with Storey here. 

And watch a video about his church plant here.

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