The GOP Presidential Debate: Trump a Shocker – Cruz, Rubio and Paul Fight [video]

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The GOP Presidential debate helped define the candidates on key issues, especially international affairs and ISIS.

Here is how the candidates did, with our rating and brief analysis:

1. Ted Cruz

Performance:  *****

He came across with authority and passion.

2. Marco Rubio

Performance: ****

Despite being attacked, he was articulate and clear.

3. Rand Paul

Performance: ***

He was the strongest advocate for freedom and constitutional protections.

4. Jeb Bush

Performance: **

It was his best debate, but he was not very good.

5. Donald Trump

Performance: *

Always entertaining, his lack of understanding of foreign affairs and unconstitutional censorship of the internet were his downfall. Also advocated big spending – as Carly pointed out, like the progressive Democrats.

The rest really stumbled.

Ben Carson: Great statesmanship, poor performance.

Chris Christie: His liberal/moderate policies and tough talk didn’t work.

John Kasich: He did better than in other debates, but he was an ego maniac.

Carly Fiorina: Worst performance for her in any of the debates.

The questions by CNN on the debate were terrible.

The biggest dramas were Bush/Trump and Rubio/Cruz. Below are a few highlights of note.

The shocker of the night: Trump pledged not to run as an independent.

Best Close

3. Paul

2. Rubio

1. Cruz

Worst Performance

3. Christie

2. Fiorina

1. Kasich

Best on Social Issues

No significant issues asked about. Paul did mention giving voluntarily to his church.

Best Line

Carly quoting Margaret Thatcher.

Most Articulate on Freedom


Most Liberal Positions

Christie ↓↓

Trump ↓↓↓

Bush ↓

Most Articulate on Economic Freedom

No questions asked.

Here are some video highlights:

Rubio vs. Cruz on Surveillance
Trump’s Ban on Muslim Immigrants
Rubio vs. Cruz on Immigration
Trump vs. Bush on ISIS – Click here.

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2 Comments on “The GOP Presidential Debate: Trump a Shocker – Cruz, Rubio and Paul Fight [video]”


    ‘POLITICAL CONSERVATISM’ is defined as “Resistance to change from the original intent of America’s amended constitution.” This is the only true measure for conservatism, and it is to be used as our MEASURE in determining whether a politician claiming conservatism is truly conservative. With this as our measure, we must ignore all rhetoric flowing out of candidates, and supposedly ‘conservative’ Fox News show hosts or their pundits, in favor of investigating the candidates past record of governance and associations. For decades, we elect conservative talking ‘establishment’ candidates, who then govern with constitutional-schizophrenia and global-engineering agendas highly distructive to America.

    Electing ‘establishment’ candidates like Rubio, Christie, Bush, or Kasich due to their conservative campaign rhetoric, when it directly conflicts with their constitutionally-schizophrenic voting records, simply continues the GOP’s multi decade long suicidal pattern of intermittently beating highly destructive Democrats with a lesser destructive ‘establishment’ conservative impostors. Changing America’s trajectory from national-suicide to restoration will never occur within the context of continually electing establishment ‘lesser of two evils’ candidates!

    Obama has already been importing Muslims, which undoubtedly includes extremists, while our GOP House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader ignore the resources at their disposal to discourage infecting America with extremists. The PAST 30+ years of GOP House Speakers and Senate Majority Leaders evidences much conservative rhetoric, followed by bogus ‘free trade’ agreements which opened the proverbial floodgates allowing America’s manufacturing and production to flow out of America to neo-socialist nations. This, along with much enabling of Democrats with what functionally amounts to fake-opposition. Moreover, GOP ‘establishment’ conservative-schizophrenics are given cover by their functional accomplices on Fox News/Business owned by ‘establishment-globalist’ Rupert Murdoch.

    Benjamin Franklin – “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    While national security and protection from terrorists is vital, we must stop being blinded to the conservative-impostors who corrupt the GOP while hiding behind claims of national security interests. If we don’t lawfully cleanse the ‘well intended’ constitutional-deconstructionists and conservative-impostors from the GOP, we will continue the pattern of intermittently winning elections against Democrats, while continuing the GOP’s 30+ year history of bringing ‘lesser destruction’ to America as compared to Democrats, while our constitutional-republic’s restoration remains nowhere in sight.

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