Strategically Limiting Evil [Radio Interview]

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Strategically Limiting Evil [Radio Interview]

Christians who do not strategically limit evil are helping the greater evil to prevail.

In any election, it is very rare to find a well-qualified candidate.

Sometimes, you have to choose between the lesser of two evils in a race.

For Example:

  • Candidate #1: Unlimited Abortion, Anytime
  • Candidate #2: Supports Abortion, but opposes partial birth abortion in the last trimester.

Some Christians would vote for neither.

But most would vote for candidate #2 in order to save some babies’ lives from murder. Protecting life is better than philosophical purity, because it leads to a higher moral good.

Dr. Ben Carson describes it this way. A paper cut hurts. Having your legs cut off hurts more. There is a difference!

Check out my in-depth article here.

Now more than ever, the Body of Christ must make every effort to limit evil in our nation and expand the good!

What do you think?

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7 Comments on “Strategically Limiting Evil [Radio Interview]”

  1. Full disclosure, I am voting GOP (Trump) for the first time since Reagan. Mainly because it appears that for the first time in decades the GOP is fielding a candidate who is imperfect, but not a ‘patriotic and christian talking’ constitutional-schizophrenic and globalist.

    Craig, you correctly state that, “In any election, it is very rare to find a well-qualified candidate.” This is only true now because, all but a rare few of the 98 million citizens claiming Christ in America attend churches where the church leadership finds Christ worth talking and reading about, but NOT worth representing in society and government to the exclusion of evildoers and to ensure the election of godly constitutionalists – – as enough pastors/priests did do pre-1900s having catalyzed the fight against British tyrants and slavery. All but a rare few churches today effectively serve to create ‘happy sheep on their way to slaughter’ instead of soldiers for Christ spreading the gospel, aiding the needy to the exclusion of government doing so, and lawfully opposing evildoers.

    You also stated that, “Sometimes, you have to choose between the lesser of two evils in a race.” But “sometimes” is not what’s been happening for decades. This, as evidenced by the fact that the GOP has degenerated into being the ‘lesser of two America destroying constitutionally-schizophrenic mainstream political parties.’

    In fact, GOP voters have been continually voting for ‘the lessor of two evils,’ in the form of ‘patriotic and christian talking’ GOP candidates, who when elected, mostly govern with constitutional-deconstructionism and global-engineering pursuits. Conservative-impostors like our existing GOP House and Senate leaders have functionally bankrupted America by providing minimized/fake-opposition to democrats, joined their Democrat-globalist accomplices in exporting our manufacturing and production jobs with bogus ‘Free Trade’ Agreements like NAFTA (Thanks Newt Gingrich!), and the like.

    VOTING FOR ’THE LESSOR OF TWO EVILS’ ONLY WORKS AS A TACTICAL-RARITY, BUT ONLY RESULTS IN DESTRUCTIVE ‘LESSOR EVIL’ WHEN DONE AS PART OF A PATTERN – – as has occurred within the GOP for decades. The GOP being poisoned with constitutional-deconstructionists and globalists is why we see GOP congressional majorities, or GOP congressional majorities and the presidency, never bring constitutional restoration.

    The only political path to restoration is in the lawful cleansing of constitutional-deconstructionists and outright conservative-impostors from the GOP during the GOP primary elections. Which requires utilizing voting records as our measure for a GOP politicians true ‘conservative’ disposition, while being careful not to be duped by self-proclaiming conservative rhetoric, or labels of ‘conservatism’ assigned to him/her on ‘establishment’ globalist Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News Network.

    WITH 98 MILLION CITIZENS CLAIMING CHRIST, CHRISTIANS SHOULD EASILY ONLY BE CHOOSING BETWEEN ’THE BETTER OF TWO GODLY CONSTITUTIONALIST CANDIDATES,’ AND NEVER ‘THE GOD OFFENDING LESSOR OF TWO EVILS’ – but that assumes their church leadership ends their ‘editing of God’s Word’ to exclude the obligation of representing Christ in society and government to the exclusion of God offending society and unconstitutional governance.

  2. Would we consider King David evil? I have seen that we can be talented/gifted in one area and be terribly flawed/weak/lacking in others. I do not watch much news and only listen to talk radio when driving to work but I have heard plenty. I think that we are flawed, our world is flawed, so that we would look to and be drawn to our Lord who is the only steadfast, secure, perfect cornerstone on which to build and hold fast to, our point of reference. We need to vote, we need to be a testimony. Let your light shine that God would be praised.
    Thank you for this forum and information you bring.

  3. To those who oppose voting, and/or voting for the ‘lesser of two evils’ (if you consider D.Trump evil – I don’t, he’s just a flawed human being like the rest of us are!) if you have read the Bible, both old and new testaments are filled with seriously flawed human beings whom God chose and used throughout history! King David is a good example, but ALL whom God chose had faults. The problem with religious Christians today, is they want a near ‘perfect’ candidate – never gonna happen. “Not one is good, no not one; all have fallen short of the glory of God….”

    I’ve watched this race from the start, and researched both candidates backgrounds and present statements, etc. There’s only ONE upon whom Hand of God rests, and it isn’t the one who’s for partial-birth Abortion! God often (not sometimes) uses men/women who aren’t Christian, or who don’t fit the typical Christian’s idea of someone whom God CAN use. Think about this, God used Cyrus, a pagan unbeliever to advance His will on earth long ago. Who are any of us peons to tell God He can’t use whomever He wishes? Get over it Body of Christ! God has the right to use anyone whom He chooses, and they don’t have to pass OUR litmus tests or what smells and looks ‘right’ to us, for His “ways are not our ways, His thoughts are greater than our thoughts.”

  4. let’s not compare Trump to David. David was flawed but he had a heart after God and he repented his sins. Trump only said it was unfortunate that his locker room talk was recorded. He was embarrassed not remorseful. There IS a difference. He fooled us. Read Revelation 13, the second beast who fooled the followers.

  5. Is anyone concerned about the push to change the electoral college vote? Hillary supporters say they are willing to pay for a vote change December 19. They have close to or more than 2 million signatures. There is another petition to keep the electoral vote the way it is in the constitution. The Democrats have been winning their presidents this way for a long time, but now they really don’t like the outcome and they want to change it. I signed the petition to keep the constitution the way it is. The two petitions are on I think it would be wise to put up a fight and sign the petition. Copy, paste on twitter and Facebook. We don’t want Hillary as president. We have to fight back. Lets not be pushovers! Stand for what you believe in.

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