Stopping Judicial Activism: Praying for President Trump’s Next Supreme Court Nomination [Videos]

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President Trump has said he will announce his next Supreme Court nominee on July 9th – next Monday.

Liberals and progressives have said they will oppose the nominee no matter who it may be…


There are several reasons:

  • They hate the president and everything he stands for … and are committed to opposing everything he does
  • They oppose conservative values and ideology
  • And most importantly, they oppose an original intent interpretation of the Constitution

They don’t want justices who will uphold the Constitution and fulfill the role of the Supreme Court as defined in Article 3…

They want judicial activists who will legislate federal law and dictate federal policy from the bench.

You never hear progressives talking about the articles and sections of the Constitution – what they mean and how they should be applied.

Instead, they talk about:

  • Roe v. Wade and abortion on demand
  • Same-sex marriage and LGBT rights
  • Socialized health care
  • Amnesty for illegal aliens and open borders

This is why it’s so important for Christians nationwide to pray diligently for President Trump – and for the Senate hearings and voting – regarding the next Supreme Court nominee.

Here are some specific things to pray for:

  • Pray that President Trump will have the wisdom and the courage to nominate a constitutionalist and an originalist – one who will consider the words of the Constitution, the context of those words … and the original intent of those words … before applying them in a ruling.
  • Pray for clarity of thought and verbal communication for the nominee during the Senate Judicial Committee hearings and the full Senate hearings.
  • Pray that the Senators who will be voting on the nominee will cast their vote on the basis of his or her character and judicial qualifications – and on the basis of his or her knowledge of the Constitution – and not on the basis of the perceived political ideology of the nominee.
  • Pray for an end to judicial activism at all levels of the judiciary.

Watch this commentary by Mark Levin on what the real issue is between conservatives and progressives regarding the Supreme Court (7 ½ minutes):

Watch this short interview with Pastor Robert Jeffress regarding the issue of the Supreme Court following court precedent in their rulings (3 ¼ minutes):

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