Special Invitation: Join me at this year’s FreedomFest 2020

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Special Invitation:  Join me at this year’s FreedomFest 2020

Every year since the beginning I have met subscribers who have attended FreedomFest to hear me and others speak.

This year FreedomFest 2020 will be better than ever.  I have never seen a conference like this.  It is powerful.

If there is one conference you should attend this year to stimulate your mind, to grow and learn about topics such as:

  • Economics
  • Politics
  • Ideology
  • Culture
  • New Trends
  • Investment strategies
  • Business strategies

It is FreedomFest 2020.

I will be speaking on marketing and politics and would love to meet with you and talk with you. 

Additionally, at FreedomFest 2020 you will have the opportunity to meet people like John Fund, Steve Forbes, Senator Mike Lee, Senator Rand Paul, John Stossel, and Doug Casey.

The topics will include China, socialism, the upcoming election, the cultural, political, and economic wars we are facing here in America.

From the conservative and libertarian viewpoint, you will come away equipped with more information and more ideas than you ever thought possible.

If you plan to attend, please email me at Craig@ElectionForum.com.   I would love to know you will be there and hopefully, can say hello. 

With 200 speakers, and hundreds of workshops, it is a very busy conference with many options.

You will love it.

What do you think?  Email me at Craig@ElectionForum.com.

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  1. AlfonZo Rachel would be a great speaker at your event. He is a Black conservative who has great insight into our culture.
    Dr. Nancy Creek

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