Reality Alert Top 10 Articles of 2019

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These are the articles of 2019 you had to read.

They are the ones that were the most controversial.

They got the most comments or forwards.

They were the 2019 all-stars.

You don’t want to miss this!

10. Christian Persecution: What I learned at the State Department’s Historic World Conference – that the Media Ignored

9. Pastor’s Shocker: Significant Number Don’t Believe in Religious Liberty [3 Things You Should Know]

8. Confessions: 12 Shocking Deep State Coup d’Etat Actions the Biased Media Isn’t Telling You — Astonishing [videos] (Part 1 and Part 2)

Astonishing Confession: Final 6 of 12 Shocking Deep State Coup d’Etat Actions the Biased Media Isn’t Telling You

7. Strategy of Deception: Changing History by Omission

6. China: The Secret War Nobody is Talking About [Video]

5. Shocking Religious Freedom Study: Both Christians and Non-Christians Favor Less Religious Freedom

4. A Great Awakening? Government Leaders Go to Their Knees in Prayer in U.S. Capitol Building [Video]

3. Despite Deep State Obstruction: Religious Freedom in the Workplace

2. Black Conservative Responds to Insults: 7 shocking and Dramatic Moments the News Media Covered Up… But Video Views Explode to 1.4 Million [Videos]

1. Worldwide Persecution Against Christians and Other Religion Minorities Has Exploded: 7 Developments Every Christian Should Know About

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