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Could you do me a favor?

You or someone you know may be able to help us with the following jobs and needs:

1) Paid Jobs. I have openings in my ad agency for the following:

  • Executive Assistant. I need a high energy, super organized, people friendly assistant for everything I do.
  • Copywriter or Creative Director: Someone who can write powerful copy
  • Content writer for articles or books
  • Digital Media Whiz
  • Artist/Web Designer
  • Marketing/Advertising Genius

2) Volunteer Jobs

  • Video: help us create awesome videos
  • Research: research the judges and candidates
  • Church Pastor Coordinator
  • PR/Media outreach
  • Social Media outreach
  • Donor relations coordinator

Interested? Contact me at with your resume or thoughts.

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  1. Hi Craig, I have a very qualified friend that I’d love to refer to your job opening. Is it full time with benefits? My husband has followed you for a long time. Thanks for your diligence over the years and all your hard work. We appreciate your work very much.

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