Would they put an “N” on your house?

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Iraqi Christians are being persecuted. Watch how Christians flee for their lives. Islamic terrorists are committing genocide against Iraqi Christians. These Christians have been left with no choice but to flee.

Have you seen an “N” on social media avatars? In Arabic, it looks like the image below.

Arabic-NWorldwide Christians are doing this to show support for those in Iraq and Syria that are being brutally murdered, beheaded and crucified…because they are Christian.

It’s a sign of support for the thousands who are fleeing, leavingbehind everything–their money, jewelry, homes, businesses, mobile phones, food—everything.

Why? Because they would have to renounce their belief in Christ or die.

The “N” is the Arabic letter the radical Islamist ISIS is putting on the homes of Christians.

“N” stands for Nazarene, those who follow Jesus of Nazareth.

Matthew 2:23 was a prophesy fulfilling that “He shall be called a Nazarene.” Remember Philip who asked in John 1:46 “Can any good come out of Nazareth?”

The answer is still true today, “Come and see.”

The radical Muslims look upon a Christian–a Nazarene–with hate and disgust.

The “N” is assumed to be a symbol of shame, and an insult to the Christians. The “N” is a mark for persecution, confiscation of all property and impending death.

Thousands of homes were marked with the “N.”

The owners have left their homes. The houses are now the property of the Islamic State.

We must pray…help…support these brothers and sisters in Christ who wonder why the U.S. and the church do not care.

Would they put an “N” on your home? What would you do?

There needs to be moral clarity about when it is necessary to intervene to help persecuted Christians. Mike Huckabee talks about how this crisis needs a “Samaritan” that will take action, not just a priest and Levi that will walk by in disgust.

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Check out this video, where Congressman Ed Royce talks about how Christians could have been protected, why Obama is wrong and how innocent Christians are now suffering.

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