Presidential Poll Update

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Here is an update of the results from our Evangelical Voter Poll for President:


Donald Trump:  33%

Ted Cruz:  21%

Ben Carson:  20%

Mike Huckabee:  7%

Marco Rubio:  6%

Carly Fiorina:  5%

Rand Paul:  3%

Jeb Bush:  2%

John Kasich:  1%

Bernie Sanders:  1%


If you haven’t yet voted, you can do so here.

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2 Comments on “Presidential Poll Update”

  1. I clicked “if what to voter you can do so here”. I pushed it and MY reply was… “Thanks for voting”. You never gave me a chance to vote…just thanked me for voting. If I would have been able to vote my choise…TED CRUZ.

    1. Hi Stan, my name is Peter and I’m part of Craig’s team. May I please ask you if you’ve voted before in the presidential poll?

      The reason I ask is because the message you got is typical of someone who has taken the poll before or if your computer was used by someone else in your family while taking the poll.

      May I please ask you if either of these scenarios is the case?

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