Presidential Poll Results – Before and After Debate

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Thanks to all who participated in our special debate poll.

I’ll soon be on radio and TV disclosing the results.

And, here are the results from our evangelical presidential survey 1) before the debate 2) after the debate:


Ted Cruz:                           24%

Ben Carson:                       22%

Donald Trump:                    15%

Scott Walker:                     10%

Mike Huckabee:                 8%

Rand Paul:                         5%

Carly Fiorina:                      5%

Marco Rubio:                      3%

Jeb Bush:                           2%

John Kasich:                      2%

Rick Santorum:                  1%

Rick Perry:                         1%



Ted Cruz:                         29%

Ben Carson:                     22%

Mike Huckabee:                9%

Carly Fiorina:                     8%

Donald Trump:                   7%

Scott Walker:                     7%

Marco Rubio:                     6%

Jeb Bush:                           4%

Rand Paul:                         3%

John Kasich:                      2%

Rick Perry:                         1%

Rick Santorum:                  1%

Bobby Jindal:                     1%

Hillary Clinton:                   1%

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