President Trump’s #1 Opponent: 3 Surprising Reasons Why He Is “Campaigning”

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President Trump’s #1 Opponent: 3 Surprising Reasons Why He Is "Campaigning"

President Obama is in the news … campaign style.

He is not going away like past Presidents. In fact, he is leading the opposition against Trump’s new policies.

President Obama’s own drive for power and control created failed programs such as Obamacare, the stimulus program, terrible race relations, plus a foreign policy which created an unsafe world.

Here are three reasons you won’t find reported by the media or find acknowledged by the liberal elites or politicians.

Obama Planning (Credit: Pete Souza)

  1. Obama’s arrogant power grab is driven by his liberal ideology as a politician.

Progressives and liberals see politics as a religion, a self-identifying cause above all else. There is no end to the causes to fight and the need to transform society for “the good” of the collective. And he is always right, his opposition immorally wrong.

  1. Obama is a liberal community organizer, not a statesman.

Obama was trained as a community organizer. He rose to political power from the state legislature to the Presidency through organizing.

As President, he never did care about being a statesman.

It’s all about winning elections and transforming society.

That’s why he is so mad. Trump is undermining his “legacy” to turn America into a socialist country.

Throughout his Presidency, the media got it wrong. He was never interested in being President, but changing this county for his worldview of what was “good”.

  1. Obama failed at his goal.

Community Organizing and smart organization got Obama to be President. He even was the first and only President to create an outside lobbying/activist group for himself: Organizing for Action. But he failed to make it effective, lively, and successful.

He is now back at building it, but too late to save what he started.

For Election 2018, he will have the largest, most well-funded and effective group yet to win back  the US Senate and the House of Representatives  for progressives and liberals and stop Trump’s policies.

Tell me what you think. Should we fear Obama’s Organizing for Action going forward? Email me at

11 Comments on “President Trump’s #1 Opponent: 3 Surprising Reasons Why He Is “Campaigning””

  1. The absolute nerve of this man is beyond belief. He must think he is some kind of God figure and he is the only one who can “change” America. The change America needs is not more of Obama and his failed plans, we need a man who sees God as our ultimate Savior, the only one who gives real “hope” and life-saving change.

    1. Shirley, it’s the elitist attitude of Obama. He’s a glorified “community organizer” and nothing more. Remember the phrase, “power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”? When he became the most powerful person on earth, he let that power go to his head. He KNEW that nobody would say “NO!” to him, and that is the most addictive narcotic there is. Do you remember seeing the video of Michelle Obama on the campaign trail saying, “this is the first time in my adult life that I’ve been proud of my country”?? I saved the video and watched it over and over. For some unknown reason, God allowed them to get the Presidency and the White House. The Bible says your Father is either God the Father or satan. There’s no middle ground. Guess who is the father of Barack Hussein Obama???

  2. The fight is never over…..but I believe that The two UN votes, the possible Embassy move to Jerusalem will set in place a domino effect for these times that will usher in the rapture. Love your articles!

  3. Yes we need to keep praying for Trump’s success and wisdom to transform the country back to being God-fearing. Only by the country returning to acknowledge its Creator will it be saved from decline.

  4. It’s strange. The most unknown man became president. He was Barrack Hussein Obama. Nobody remembers his college years. He has also fake birth certificate. His biographical book contains false details. Under his presidency, every social values are effectively destroyed. Homosexuals called out “We Win!” and praise their god OBAMA in White House with rainbow neon lights.

    Now Obama doesn’t go away into the history. He doesn’t have a class like other presidents.

    Simply, people will continue to stop talking about him because of labelling racist.
    Obama will keep using race card whenever he wants to progress his agenda and propagandas.

    Let’s see how Trump can handle this arrogant man.

  5. It may appear that we have won the victory however like our own moral substandard values there must be realized that we will always be a work in progress and must continue to keep our focus on making America great. The only way we are going to get greater is to not look back at what we let ourselves decline to. Putting away selfish reasons we must submit ourselves to our leader for the Lord’s sake because it is the will of God, and in so doing put to silence the ignorance of foolish men.

  6. The leadership of the Church has been cowed by the Johnson amendment. Each pastor should decide whether and how to speak to the cultural rot and its government sponsors. If Trump keeps his promise to support its repeal, then it is up to congress to put the measure on his desk. Set the first amendment free again, and let the Church have the information they need to vote for those representatives and senators who believe in true freedom, and not the false freedom of free everything (paid for by others).

  7. I heard awhile back that there is aide to Pres. Obama, who was playing basketball with the Pres. He said he gave up playing against Obama because Obama would use dirty tricks, like elbowing him, to gain the advantage. So….what does THAT tell you about the man?? Obama was the wrong President at the right time in history. God allowed him to be President, for some unknown reason. I’m just absolutely overjoyed that the 8-year-long, dark tunnel is about over. There is the light of God, justice, common sense and the America that we used to know, coming at the end of the tunnel. Thank You Lord!!

  8. It is amazing to me that Barack Obama claims to be a born-again Christian yet his life does not align with his words. “There is no fear of God within his heart and it doesn’t bother him at all that he devises mischief and sets himself in a way that is not good, and he doesn’t abhor evil. There is no fear of God before his eyes.” (Ps. 36:1, 4; Rom. 3:18). This is very sad. It also lets me know that he is blind and deceived. I am not saying that he is not making choices but he really is deceived. I pray for God to truly show mercy to this man and forgive him for he truly knows not what he does. He stands a good chance of being judged for fighting against God and His will. Has he not already seen what God has done by all the scandals and lies being exposed of him, Hilary Clinton, and the Democratic party? They lost the election! That should be clear enough for him but it’s not! Woe be unto him! It’s a shame that some people just never learn! And so, let there be a road to Damascus experience for Barack Obama where he gets to meet face-to-face with the living God like Paul, for this was the only way Paul was saved from persecuting Jesus and His people! I call this MERCY indeed!

  9. It will be important for all of US to “associate” Obama’s supported candidates to Obama’s Failed Policies! Point out Obama’s Failed Policies have already been tried and did not work! We Need to Give Trump a Chance to Succeed with New & Different Policies. “Socialism assures All a Lower Standard of Living!” Diane Lenning, EdM/JD

  10. Obama appears to be driven by his left-wing ideology and ego. His actions repeatedly have demonstrated his hate of middle-class America and traditional values. His disdain for the U.S. Constitution has been astounding, in my opinion. That his administration and the mainstream media have deluded millions of our citizens, in spite of the repeated lies and violations of their rights as citizens and appear to have gotten away with it is appalling.

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