Popstars Kelly and Bieber Share Their Faith

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Popstars Kelly and Bieber Share Their Faith

Justin Bieber shares that Jesus is his role model.

He said recently in an interview, “I just wanna honestly live like Jesus.”

His statement caused a mixed reaction among his fans, but pop singer Tori Kelly commended him for it.

Although Tori Kelly’s music is secular, she has always been open about her faith. She shared one of her favorite Bible verses (Psalm 91:4) on Twitter and has tweeted that Jesus is first in her life.

Like Bieber, Tori Kelly became a pop star as a teen. She auditioned for American Idol when she was 16 and just years later released her debut album Unbreakable Smile, which reached the top of the charts. Her music videos have been viewed over 70 million times.

She praised Bieber for his statement: “I think it’s awesome the things that he said and the fact he’s being so open and willing to step out and be bold and not hide what he believes in.”

Kelly loves gospel music and says that Crystal Lewis and gospel singer J. Moss are two of her favorite artists.

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  1. I don’t remember Tori from Idol, but I am a big fan of her influences Crystal Lewis and J. Moss! I’m thankful for “salt and light” in the mainstream of music. I have followed Justin for a long time and am glad that he’s returning to his Christian roots. Thanks for the article because I’m now a fan of Tori Kelly!

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