Time of Prayer and Repentance

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November 1, 2011

I never tire of being with God’s family in a time of prayer. Last night was amazing; a time of repentance and prayer for us as individuals, for the South Bay, California, our nation and the world.

It was a cultural experience as the meeting was held in a Korean church and Hispanic and English speakers were also present. We worshiped in both English and Korean. Something beautiful to be a part of at least once in one’s lifetime here on earth, 2 languages coming together to praise the Lord. Great preparation for heaven where all people and tongues will be singing to the Lord. Wow!! Imagine that sound!

After worship, we had a short lesson in the makings of past revivals and a presentation by Craig Huey on how past leaders of America, including our Congress, gave glory and honor to Jesus. We then began our prayer time the Korean way. We all gathered at the altar on bent knees and cried out the name of Jesus 3 times. Then, each in our own language (English, Korean and Spanish, and even ones heavenly language) repentance began to flow from our lips. Weeping and crying came forth in streams as we poured our hearts out to God to forgive us personally for the attitudes and sins of our hearts. Very powerful stuff as the presence of the Holy Spirit was evident.

Then different Pastors from the South Bay led us through times of prayer and repentance for California. We prayed to the heart of God for our unsaved leaders and for all to repent and turn back to God.

Shelly Huey invited all leaders to come on stage and they were prayed over for strength, encouragement and the fire of God to fall on them and their churches. A humbling experience to see these men and women of God broken before the Lord, crying out in one accord for His mercy to fall.

We then had an unexpected surprise. Tony Perkins, from the Family Research Council, was in the neighborhood touring with his Values Bus. He came and led the prayer time for our nation. It was a powerful time repenting for our complacency and asking the Lord to give us boldness as He gave the disciples when they were told by the leaders not to preach the name of Jesus. (Acts 4:13-20 and 5:22-32)

Next came prayers for the world. We prayed for missionaries and the persecuted church, at one point beseeching the Lord for the woman in Pakistan who is on death row for her faith. We were reminded in the scriptures of how the church prayed for Peter while he was in prison and the miracle that took place soon afterwards. (Acts 12:5-10) A good lesson in praying specifically for our own.

We closed the prayer meeting with the song “God of this City.” A great reminder of who is really in control and that our trust should be in Him. As I watched everyone leave, I had a sense of awe and excitement. God, You are doing something great in the South Bay and I am so blessed to be a small part of it. I can’t wait for the next prayer gathering as God continues to raise up His people for this time of great battle and restoration. To God be the Glory!!