New Assault Against Religious Liberty: Every Christian School at Risk

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It’s becoming a constant assault on religious liberty. Local, state, and national bureaucrats and judicial activists are ignoring First Amendment rights and forcing people of faith to conform to their politically correct philosophy.

This time, it’s a new assault on a Christian School.

Fontbonne Academy, an all-girls Catholic School in Milton, Massachusetts, was ordered by a court to hire a homosexual despite its violation of their beliefs.

The school offered Matthew Barrett a position as food services director, yet when he listed “his husband” as an emergency contact, the school rescinded the offer. Per school policy, all staff are required to exemplify Catholic values, including marriage as an institution between one man and one woman.

Barrett sued the academy, and the Boston Superior Court ruled that the academy discriminated against Barrett because of his “sexual orientation”. Homosexual activists are claiming a major victory, citing that this judgment is the first against any religious organization denying employment to a same-sex marriage partner.

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6 Comments on “New Assault Against Religious Liberty: Every Christian School at Risk”

  1. This decision must be challenged all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary! We must stand up for our religious freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution!

    1. I agree with the Bob Myers. Religious freedoms are definitely are on the decline. Too bad the courts are so liberal and anti religion/Christian. It is a battle we have to fight or soon our freedom will be lost. Thank you.

  2. One day these folks pushing evil as good will KNOW the truth. Meanwhile believers must continue standing for the truth in every way that aligns with the Lord’s will. Pray without ceasing has always been the Lord’s will and these dark times sure propel me to do more than I ever have, progressively so! Oh, praise Him for the hope HE baths us in!

  3. I believe persistence in prayer, signing petitions, speaking up when possible are what it takes to change things. Standing on the Word of God. Because our battle is not with flesh and blood, it is with but with principalities and powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places. And that is where we fight! Stop complaining, moaning and groaning and stand up or get on our knees and fight, stand up and let your voice be heard! Sign every righteous petition that comes your way,, pass things on through email or face book wherever that which needs to be seen and heard. .All of the body of Christ can accomplish a lot when we get into agreement and decree a thing and it shall be established.! come on ! We are the Body of Christ! let’s start acting like it! speak the Word! Proclaim the Word! Decree The Word in prayer. Just 15 minutes a day with all praying and agreeing can get more accomplished in one day than a lifetime f complaining.! Stand up for Jesus!

  4. Nellie, I love your encouragement! I find myself too often grumbling and behaving as if this administration has defeated us. Your comment brought me back to my faith. I am an ambassador for Christ and my duty is to pray without ceasing and bring glory to God in all things.

  5. This decision must be challenged, if the law isn’t clearly on the employee’s side. Not fighting for Christian rights will eventually lead to erosion of those rights.

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