Mozilla Firefox fires CEO

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Discrimination is growing in America:  Intolerance against political ideas escalates.

The Left flexed its muscles again, forcing Mozilla Firefox Brendan Eich to resign as CEO.

He donated $1,000.00 in 2008 to support a proposition that would have made traditional marriage the only marriage in California.  A majority – 7 million – people supported traditional marriage.

Brendan Eich never discriminated against homosexuals.  He was a founder and over 15 years proved he could be CEO of Mozilla.  The issue wasn’t his competence or management ability.  It was, he thought wrong.

That’s right.  His vows were politically incorrect.

Just before Brendan was forced to resign, he made it clear he had kept his personal beliefs out of Mozilla Firefox.  His beliefs were personal and not relevant to being CEO.  And he is right.

Mozilla showed no integrity in his firing – just intollerance.  Ironically, Mozilla Executive Chairman Mitchell Baker said the resignation of one of its founders was necessary because “preserving Mozilla’s integrity was important”.

This is something you’d expect to see in Russia, Nazi Germany, China, North Korea – all run by intolerance and forced acceptance of ideas and beliefs.  You don’t expect it in America.

What is next?  Beliefs about abortion?  Global warming?  Christ?

The campaign against Eich follows the advanced and effective tactics used by the Left and perfected the last few years.

  • Tweet & Attack – targeting the Twitter community to exert social pressure.
  • Facebook & Attack – like the Twitter & Attack
  • Petitions (one with 75,000 signers)

Organize a small minority to impose its views and scare away any opposition.

And it works.

Working at a company should not require political and ideological compliance.

To run or work for a company should not require abandoning your beliefs or giving up free speech.

Free Speech – what you believe in, vote for, donate to, write and speak about, – should not require a political litmus test to run or work for a company.

I’ve never made political beliefs, religious identification or sexual orientation or a criteria for the hundreds of employees and executives I’ve hired for my company.

Mozilla Firefox now does.

Many Liberals and homosexuals were shocked by the forced resignation.

Bill Maher said, “There is a gay mafia; if you cross them – you do get whacked.”

Andrew Sullivan said, “Will he now be forced to walk the streets in shame?  Why not the stocks?  The whole thing disgusts me, as it should disgust anyone interested in tolerant and diverse society.”

Unfortunately most Liberals supported the purge and made fools of themselves trying to defend it on TV.

The Liberal message is you are disqualified from leadership for your religious or political beliefs at companies in America.  Your career is ruined.

  • Don’t speak up.  Don’t donate.  Don’t express your beliefs.
  • You are an outcast.  You’re on the “blacklist”.
  • You’re a bigot.
  • You need to be re-educated or else.

Yes, as a private company, Mozilla Firefox has the right to be intolerant.  But Mozilla Firefox should do better than act as fascists.

 I, for one, choose not to use Mozilla Firefox thought police any longer.

We must not support companies witch hunts.

I’ve changed all my company’s computers and all our personal computers from Firefox to Chrome.  You could be also switch to Safari or Internet Explorer.

We have choices too.

Here is a great 2:18 minute video of Newt Gingrich calling this an example of “New Fascism.” Click here to watch it.

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36 Comments on “Mozilla Firefox fires CEO”

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