Meeting with President Trump: What Should I Say to Him?

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Meeting with President Trump: What Should I Say to Him?

I will be attending the inauguration of our next President, Donald Trump, on January 20th 2017.

After the swearing-in, I will be attending an inaugural ball and other events.

If I get a chance, What do you want me to talk to him about?

What should I ask him?

Email me your questions or statements, and I will share them with the President if I can.

Email me at

2 Comments on “Meeting with President Trump: What Should I Say to Him?”

  1. Hi Craig. We have 3 big public airways news networks (ABC, NBC, CBS), which I am supposing were allotted their portion of the public airwaves bandwidth by the FCC a long time ago, long before the Liberal narrative became the foundation of every thought. I am assuming that their FCC charter/license to use their allotted portions of the bandwidth would have established some obligation to a principle for the common good / “General Welfare” (per the U.S. Constitution) and assumption that unlike the myriad newspapers of the time which could and were usually written for the itching ears of their audiences, the licensed use of the limited TV airwaves and their nationwide power, would carry a great responsibility to speak the WHOLE truth and not be used for propaganda. And beyond the big 3 commercial stations we have PBS, whose charter should be even more fair since it is publicly funded by The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, aka the taxpayers. Craig, I cannot afford cable or satellite TV so I get my live news over the free airwaves, and almost every night their is a dearth of conservative critical reporting or reporters or talking heads, and the subsequent gaping holes in everything that could and should be included, but isn’t. Just on PBS alone, every Friday at 6PM on The PBS Newshour, with Mark Shields and David Brooks political discussion, where David Brooks from the NYTimes is presumed to offer a right-leaning balance to the old Lefty Mark Shields, I say,”Seriously?” David Brooks (or ANYBODY) from the NYTimes is on the Right? While the Left likes to blame Trump for this division in America, I would argue that the anger among middle America has been simmering over the overwhelming “one-sided-ness” (to be kind) of the evening news programs. Our federal government has licensed this virtual monopoly powerful news outlets, and Americans are even paying for PBS. Can President Donald Trump do something to open up these Liberal Cartels to any contrary voices?

  2. For decades GOP voters have celebrated GOP presidents using Executive Orders to implement conservative governance, even when doing so unconstitutionally circumvents Congress. Then, when a Democrat president enters office and abuses executive orders unconstitutionally to an even greater extent than had GOP presidents, conservative voters are exasperated. Please ask Donald Trump if he will end the unconstitutional abuse of executive orders by utilizing the GOP congressional majorities to pass legislation instead of functionaly legislating through executive orders?

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