The kid stood up

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The kid was bold.

And we shared his Salutatorian speech that defied the school officials.

If you haven’t read the article or seen the video of Brooks Hamby, Brawley Union High School senior glorifying God, you can do so by clicking here.

Since that time, Brooks has been interviewed on “Fox News” and “Fox and Friends.”

Here is a good clip to see. You can see how he stood up for his First Amendment rights.

Now, the letter from the lawyers representing the Brawley Union School District against the young man who gave the speech has come out and it’s mindboggling. It is a 10-page letter that had to have cost over $10,000 for the school to produce. It was filled with misrepresentations of our First Amendment rights.

How nice to see such a fine young man not afraid to express his love of God.

Do you think our school system is unjustly censoring our ability to praise God? Email me your thoughts at