June 30: Your Family’s Future Will Be Changed By Iran [video brief]

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Iran will impact every reader…

Every family…

Our future…

June 30… the day President Obama finalizes the Iran agreement. If Iran gets its deal, Islamic extremists will use nuclear war as never imagined in a civilized society.

That’s why:

(1) Overthrowing the Iranian dictatorship, and

(2) Preventing Iran from being a nuclear power

are so vital.

For more than 35 years, Iran has been a repressive Islamic state. Moreover, it’s been a chief terrorist state now controlling Assad in Syria, much of Iraq and Yemen.

And with religious zeal trying to expand its control, thousands have been killed outside Iran and almost 2,000 executions in Iran in the last year.

As Communism in the oppressive Soviet Union collapse, so will the Islamic Iran collapse.

The resistance in Iran is growing.

Sadly, President Obama ignored the last mass Iranian uprising… and in his current negotiation of a nuclear deal with Iran, he is hurting the resistance movement.

This week, hundreds gathered in France for the National Council of Resistance conference.

People all over the world came, begging President Obama not to make a deal that would serve the terrorist regime and give it time to become a nuclear power.

Obama and the world must cry out for the release of Saeed Abidini and other religious and political figures.

He must implement support for the resistance – moral, technical and logistic.

The tyranny can end. Otherwise you and your family will face a terrifying world with war unimaginable.

Here is a video review of the conference, about 3 minutes long.

What do you think? Email me your thoughts at craig@electionforum.org.

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