Jobs–don’t forget our list of job openings!

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We have some very important paid and volunteer positions available.

Maybe you or someone you know would like to help us in our work to inform and mobilize the church and take political action.

Paid positions:

Web Designer: Understands how to create and design state-of-the-art, quality websites. Ability to code large, corporate websites a plus.

New Media Coordinator: Understands banner ads/retargeting, email, paid search. Assignments will include working on business and Election Forum/Reality Alert projects.

Plus, my ad agency needs an account executive and list brokers. Experience is needed for these positions.

Volunteer positions:

Candidate researcher for the upcoming 2014 elections: We will teach and train.

Church/political group coordinator: Helps set up and coordinate forums and talks at churches, clubs and groups.

Media coordinator: Helps set up radio and TV interviews.

Interested? Send your resume to