Israel and Evangelicals

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Most Evangelical Christians stand by Israel—but not all.

Last issue, I addressed Israel’s historic battle going on.

Christians used to be united in their support for Israel, but not now.

Liberal Evangelicals are increasingly taking Hamas’ side. Even more liberal Evangelicals support President Obama’s anti-Israel stand.

And, many have taken up the “pro-Israel, pro-Palestine, pro-peace” position.

Sounds good?

It’s still denying the reality of Hamas pledge to destroy Israel.

Why has the U.S. stand against terrorist—no negotiating—changed? Watch as Danny Dannon fires back at Obama’s failure to act.

Evangelicals with Wheaton College, Willow Creek Church and World Vision are trying to change Evangelical positions on Israel and support to neutrality.

They want Israel to address security concerns with methods that have proven to fail.

Israel faces a wall of hatred, not neutrality.

We can all feel sorry for the victims of war, especially children and civilians. We can all want peace.

But peace should not come at the expense of Israel’s security.

Here is a great video, about 7 minutes long, of Mike Huckabee on how the U.S. should handle Israel.

Bottom line: Peace will not come to the Middle East until the Prince of Peace reigns.

The Muslims must believe Jesus is more than a prophet. They must trust him as their savior and Lord. They must, like all Christians, repent of their sins and confess Jesus is Lord.

When the Jews believe that Jesus is more than a rabbi and make him their Messiah… then you’ll see peace—individual peace with people at war with God, individual with people of all backgrounds, individual peace—not hatred and war.

We must pray for peace (Psalms 122:6).

We must not undermine Israel.

Prayer Point: Pray that evangelicals and America sides with Israel and not the evils of Hamas.

What do you think needs to be done to achieve true, lasting peace? Email me your thoughts at