ISIS Trains over 1,000 Children to Become Suicide Bombers in 6 Months [video]

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ISIS has trained over 1,000 children in the last six months to become suicide bombers.

The Islamic militant group opened a “Cubs of the Caliphate” child training center in the group’s northern Iraqi stronghold of Mosul, where children are taught suicide bombing tactics, brainwashed with ISIS’ cruel ideology, and provided military and combat training for the battlefield.

Here are several short videos that give you an idea of what is happening.

Here is a CNN report. Watch here.

Here are kids brainwashed & deceived. Watch here.

Kids in training, here.  And watch here.

Are you praying for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ? Will you pray for these kids? Will you pray for revival in the Middle East… for repentance and salvation to those enslaved to the lies of Islam, including the leaders? How about your small group? Your church?

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