Do you have a passion to change this world? [Urgent volunteer needed]

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If you’re troubled by the direction of our culture and want to be an instrument in being light & salt… I need your help.

You see, we have some immediate needs and maybe you can help. And you can do so at your home (or come to our office if you want).

1. Research. I need more volunteers to research the local, county and state candidates. I’ll train you how to research the judges, city council, assembly and other office candidates.

2. Pastor/Church Coordinator. You should have a good knowledge of how to interact with pastors and staff to coordinate my Sunday morning services, mid-week talks and upcoming election forum for 2016.

3. Media Coordinator. You should understand how to initiate and conduct my radio and TV interviews.

4. Content Coordinator. We have dozen of websites that need someone to research and suggest content and ways to engage our specialized audience.

  • Judges
  • Proposition 13
  • Teachers
  • Common core
  • County voting guides (,
  • Persecuted church
  • Stop the gas tax
  • Protect religion liberty

5. We need translators. We need help to put the website and newsletters in Spanish, Korean and other languages.

6. Fundraiser. If you know how to fund raise, we need help with our projects.

7. Writers. We have special projects that need great writers to write articles. I need help with four unfinished books, and we need newsletter writers.

If you can help or got another skill I should know about, send me a reply by email at

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