Disturbing Reality: My Fox Interview on How Voter Fraud Perpetuates Progressive Control of State Government [Video]

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The reaction to my interview on Fox Business News went crazy … and viral.

Let me briefly explain … then watch the 3 ½-minute video below…

Progressive Democrats and socialists have a perpetual stranglehold on the legislatures of some state governments.


Much of the reason has to do with two types of systemic, ongoing voter fraud:

  1. Illegal registration and voting of non-citizens
  2. Duplicate voting of legal citizens

Here’s how this works in California, where I live and run a small business … and as goes California, so goes the rest of the nation.

First, motor voter registration in California enables non-citizens to register to vote at the Department of Motor Vehicles when they obtain a California driver’s license – simply by lying and saying they’re U.S. citizens. No proof of citizenship is required.

Motor voter registration has already spread to 3 other states.

Second, many county and precinct voter registration lists in California are woefully out of date – registered voters aren’t being removed or updated when they move or change their names or pass away…

Three of my adult kids have moved out of California because they can’t afford to live here anymore … but they STILL receive voting ballots at my house!

Some voters have been found to be on as many as 5 different registered voter lists!

How can we stop this?

To find out, watch my interview with Stuart Varney by clicking here. It’s only 3 ½ minutes long:


What do you think?  Write me at craig@electionforum.org

5 Comments on “Disturbing Reality: My Fox Interview on How Voter Fraud Perpetuates Progressive Control of State Government [Video]”

  1. OR is even worse. They passed automatic voter registration w DMV contact like renewals. Now when I moved here in 2013 & 1st got dr lic & vehicle registration & was required to show birth certificate. Not sure what kind of alternate ID might be acceptable. & online registration can be done w as little as a bank statement showing a mailing address. & I read that is what Fed voting rights act mandates. & of course they have to sign that they are telling the truth & are entitled to register & are a citizen.

    Also OR is all vote by mail. We have to sign the outside envelope again certifying we are the person & a citizen. I always drop mine off at a local drop off point. & not thrilled when they are already announcing results before deadline of 8 pm & before allnis later voters ballots could have even gotten to where they are counted.

    But we do have a conservative man of integrity as sec of state.

    I also am still registered in CA. OC reg Of voters would require a signed form filled out & returned. Haven’t gotten around to that yet.

  2. Good interview! You did a great job of describing the problem. Also, the interviewer seems to be knowledgeable about what is going on.

  3. How do you know that the DMV registered people are voting Democrat? Maybe they are voting republican. I’m sure your sons would in their case.

  4. Illegals vote Democrat because Democrats are the ones protecting illegals and putting them before US citizens. Democrats are the ones that want open borders and all sorts of freebies for illegals at the expense of US citizens. Why wouldn’t an illegal vote Democrat? I doubt that many of them know or care or share traditional American values.

  5. Craig, good job! we are all need to raise up.. I believe there are many people need to be educated about how important it is to get involve in public policies. God bless you!

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