Heartfelt Reviews

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Election Forum gets heartfelt reviews from
area Christians

Election Forums help Christians understand the issues and candidates so they can vote their values.

Below are comments from those who have attended and reviews from churches where he has spoken.

Your site is the first place I go for voting recommendations

“Thanks so much Mr. Huey for these recommendations, and for sending out this email as a reminder! Your site is the first place I go for voting recommendations.”

Your keen insights and biblical additions are so helpful when voting

“Thanks so much Craig for all your keen insights and biblical additions that are so helpful when voting and/or matching the correct person to the job at hand. Your vision is a total inspiration to us all God fearing Christians in this greatest nation on God’s green earth!

“Keep up the good work and may God richly bless you…”

Your voter guide helps me uphold my Christian values

“Dear Mr. Huey,

“I want to thank you for your dedication in providing this election guide. Being fairly new to California, it has been overwhelming to try to determine the best way to vote my Christian values.

“I also know that it is very important that we make educated, conservative choices in this liberal state.

“Every Christian has the responsibility to find the candidate that upholds God’s standards, and we need every conservative vote. We can’t just give up even though the secular world seems to be taking over.

“God will go before us. I appreciate the extreme effort you make to help us be informed.

“Thanks for fulfilling your calling in the body of Christ. I have definitely shared your website with friends and family.”

Invaluable research

“Thank you. I am so grateful for your research. I’m a busy mom of 7 and don’t always know enough about all the candidates and issues to wisely know who to vote for. We are a Christian family and value your Christian worldview research and guidance. With respect and appreciation…’

Thank you!

“I just want to thank you for providing your helpful input and suggestions on your Election Forum website. It was quite helpful to me—especially with a panel of candidates whose names I have rarely or never heard—let alone not knowing what kind of politics they are likely to offer in their anticipated positions.

“I’ve received help in making my voting decisions from some folks whose opinions I trust. I’m passing around the link to your website as a helpful resource for my friends and colleagues.

“Thank you!’

I was inspired and humbled, Craig…thank you

“Your program last night was truly inspiring, and I was humbled by your endorsement and extraordinary effort to generate support for my candidacy. I am truly grateful.”

Remarkable presentation

“Thank you for the amazing information you provided yesterday at your Election Forum. It was most helpful.”

Fresh and useful information

“I’ve had Craig Huey speak at the South Bay CRA unit several times because his PowerPoint presentations are filled with unique, fresh and useful information.”

Powerful presentation

“Your presentation was concise but very powerful. Thank you for your work. Your ministry is extremely valuable to The Body and I am committed to helping you get the word out. We will all benefit.”

Your research is very helpful

“As always, thanks for your insight! Your research into the background and views of these candidates is such a help.”

Webinar was very helpful

“I found the webinar to be SO helpful. Thank you very much!”

The newsletter and updates are very informative

“Thank you for your newsletter and updates, they are so informative. I like the pertinent Bible verses and the encouragement. I appreciate your time and effort, and I forward these to my friends and family.”

Praying for you and your wonderful ministry

“God bless you in your work! We are praying for you and your wonderful ministry. News outlets are so biased and it’s refreshing to hear and read a conservative outlook.”

Exactly what we needed to hear; let’s hold our representatives’ feet to the fire

“I want to thank you for your Election Forum tonight. It was very informative and exactly what we needed to hear. I relayed some of the things you mentioned to many of the addressees on my email list a few minutes ago, asking them to vote ‘No.’ It is high time we start holding our legislators’ and governor’s feet to the fire. You are a blessing to us.”

Your research is appreciated and respected

“As always, Craig, I so appreciate and respect your research and in-depth analysis for those of us who wish to support the Christian worldview. I am an older lady who has many painful family issues going on right now. It would be difficult for me to wade through some of these tricky state measures. There is no excuse for not making our votes count!”

I trust your recommendations

“I just wanted to say thanks from an African American woman who trusts and reads your recommendations. I use them at the polls.”

Helped Christian voters gain a greater understanding

“Mr. Huey came to our church well-prepared with unbiased facts about the candidates and the propositions. His PowerPoint presentation provided additional clarity of the topics, helping us to have a greater understanding.

“Since I was confused about the propositions and not knowledgeable about judges, I was especially thankful for his explanation of these issues. Mr. Huey didn’t tell us how or for whom to vote, but his presentation explained the facts and helped me decide. And then I was able to vote according to my values.

“I just hope that Mr. Huey would come to our church again during future elections. Many church members expressed their appreciation of his sharing.

“As American citizens, election is our privilege and our responsibility. It is very important that we know all the facts so we can vote correctly, according to our values and to honor our God.”

We were able to make informed decisions because of the Election Forum

“We found that the Election Forum was extremely informative, especially on the propositions and judges.

“On the judges, Craig was educated about their values and communicated them clearly. It was a plus to have them come to the meeting and present their case. We were able to see who we were intending to vote for or against.

“Craig does a tremendous amount of study, particularly with the propositions. We enthusiastically recommend an Election Forum.”

Your dedication helped many Christians vote their values with confidence

“Thank you for coming to our church to review the November ballot with us. On behalf of the Bread of Life Church, I want to express our great appreciation to you and your wife, Mrs. Huey. Your dedication on the Christian Voter Guide Recommendations helped many people vote with confidence.

“We feel it was a blessing to be able to invite you to hold this meeting for the church members and people of our community.

“Voting should have been an easy exercise. However, with the misleading advertising, newspaper and Internet bias and name-only candidates such as most of the judges, voting is no longer a simple task.

“We know that often we wasted some of our votes by voting against our values without even realizing it. After the Election Forum, however, people commented how they now understood the candidates and the propositions from a Christian perspective. We were strengthened in our values.

“We especially want to thank you for taking time to analyze each candidate, study each proposition and research recommendations from a conservative Christian worldview. Your Reality Alert email kept us updated on a regular basis.

“You not only encouraged Christians to fulfill their duty to vote as a citizen (also a privilege) but more important, to vote with their Christian values.

“It was our first Community Election Forum held at our church. And we are looking forward to having the privilege to hold the Election Forum in the future.”

People were edified by your words

“Dear Craig,

“You packed the house at Bethany’s Community Election Forum! The people were edified.

“Your research on ballot propositions and candidates saved many hours of research for the folks who attended. We are especially grateful for the guidance on voting for judges.

“Thanks for all your hard work!”

Christian voters also responded favorably to the Election Forums…

My voting is aligned with Biblical righteousness

“Dear Craig,

“Thank you so much for all the information and wisdom you offer through the Election Forum. You are serving such a great purpose so our voting can be aligned with Biblical righteousness. I am so grateful for this!”

Thank you for your amazing service to the Lord’s people!

“Dear Craig,

“I always print your recommendations and use them as my cheat sheet at the polls! I sent them with my husband as well! (I also forwarded them to 40 friends.)

“I don’t waste my votes on things I would not have known anything about. I feel that I can confidently vote my Christian values, thanks to you.

“Thank you so much and may our Lord continue to bless you and use you!”

Your presentation informed voters

“I cannot thank you enough for your work last night. Your presentation was superb and gave us a really nice night. I feel so much more informed than in any previous election.”

Thank you for the valuable information in the Election Forums

“I used the video clip from ElectionForum.org to direct my congregation to local churches where a Forum was taking place.

“I also distributed handouts from your website that were extremely beneficial for everyone.

“Thank you for the valuable information that you have provided for so many people.”

Helped me be prepared to vote in the election

“Thank you for your commitment to the American people, to our country and for standing up for what is right in a deceived and erroneous world.

“It is reassuring that I can go to your website and resources and find out the facts and truth about current and world issues. The topics affect our country and world today. And your insight helped me make correct choices in the election.

“I also feel prepared with factual reinforcement concerning life-changing events in the days to come.

“You are truly a beacon of light in a dark world. Because of your organization, the faith and prayers of many Americans and the voice of many courageous church leaders, the future for this country is bright.

“I believe truth and righteousness will prevail, in spite of what we are hearing and seeing in the media every day.

“I copied the information from your website and distributed it to everyone in my church so they too could make informed and correct choices in the election. I hold you in the highest regard.”

Thanks for imparting your research


“Just wanted to say thank you for sharing with us at the Calvary Chapel Chino Hills Election Forum. I knew who I was voting for, for the most part, but was unsure of some of the propositions.

“Prop 4 and Prop 8 were no-brainers for me, but I wasn’t sure about a few of the others. Thanks for sharing your research about who contributed and who backs the propositions. That was very helpful. Thank you, in Him.”

Proudly mailed my vote

“Craig, if ever there was an election in which I was grateful for all of the work, time, and energy that went into the research behind your recommendations, it was this one!

“I have just proudly completed my vote-by-mail ballot as an older lady who couldn’t make it into a polling place. When such an option is available, there is NO excuse for any Christian not to vote! Again, thank you for all you do! Many blessings to you.”

Your diligent work has made a difference to Christian voters

“Thanks a million to you and your team for all the diligent work over all these years…I actually attended two Election Forums with different friends.

“A special thanks for the latest Election Forum mentioning RHCC and its elders’ decision. It prompted me to email Charlie Rice at Torrance First Baptist late Saturday night.

“I wish you could have heard how well he handled the issue, including marriage as defined by God, voting our conscience, Proposition 8’s redefinition and ramifications, then mentioning there is no Democrat, Republican—all are welcome!

“Thanks for alerting us to the need for pastors to speak up!”

Incredibly grateful for your work

“I have to thank you once again for the amazing time and effort you put into these Forums each and every year. I forward these to so many fellow Christians and they are incredibly grateful.

“God bless you and your family and all who contributed their time and effort to this.”

It is clear now how I will vote as a Christian

“I am writing to thank you for explaining so thoroughly the issues coming up for this election.

“I attend Calvary Chapel Montebello and attended last Saturday as you spoke. It really helped me a lot…especially pertaining to the judges. I never really knew how to choose the correct one, but now I do. Thank you.

“Everything is clear to me as to how I will vote as a Christian and to honor the Lord.”

Thorough and eye-opening presentation

“Thank you for being available to the church and community gathered at Calvary Chapel La Habra Sunday evening. The information you shared was eye opening and thorough. The visuals and your personal attention enhanced the vital information we needed to receive.

“God bless you and the ministry God has called you to. May we believers in Jesus Christ be salt and light in a spiritually blind world. Blessings to you.”

I’m confident to vote thanks to your detailed information

“I found the Election Forum at Calvary Chapel La Habra extremely helpful. It was very detailed and informative with information I wouldn’t have known or that would have taken me too long to research on my own. I am very confident in my vote this year. Thank you so much.”

Your ministry helps us make informed voting decisions

“Thank you so much for your ministry. In a free society where we are required to be informed to vote wisely, your ministry helps us serve God with mature decisions.”

Your hard work is a true blessing

“I wish to express my thankfulness for all the hard work you do to keep us well informed. It is truly a blessing to be counted among people like you who stand for righteousness and truth.”

Election Forum fired me up with enthusiasm

“It was the first time I had been to a Forum and I was totally all fired up after I left. I am going to make copies of the paperwork you distributed to pass around.

“I have also sent the Election Forum website out to all of my email contacts. Hopefully they will do the same.”

Great presentation of issues and candidates

“You did a very good job presenting everything! Also, I just wanted to say thanks for explaining all of this year’s politics in English.

“Not only are the issues clear, but your presentation is understood and everybody gets a better idea of what they are voting for.”

Phenomenal insight and presentation

“Your insight into the issues and development of your presentation are phenomenal! Maybe you can do what some others (at least at this juncture) seem incapable of doing. Thanks for all that you do.”

The Forum was very well presented

“The forum was excellent! Very well done! We came away feeling much better prepared to vote.

“You gave us a lot of good information and much better insight! Thanks so much.”

Your faith and diligence informs the Christian community

“I enjoyed and appreciated the Forum very much. I didn’t want it to end. Thank you very much for serving the community as you have.

“Thank you for your faithfulness to God. I appreciate you and what you are doing. Your clarity and diligence informs the Christian community on all these important issues facing our nation and the consequences we face in how this election turns out.

“I am reminded every day of my need to keep looking up and be in constant prayer. Thank you again.”

Thanks for helping us be intelligent Christian voters

“Hello Craig. I attended the Forum at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Saturday. I want to say thank you for all of the hard work, time and energy you have put in to help make all of the rest of us more intelligent voters (primarily from a Christian point of view).”

Your efforts will help protect our great country

“Thank you for all your work and the help your analysis is to us. I pray that God will bless your efforts and your giving.

“I also pray that He will give discernment and passion to those who are on the side of right. That they can stand up for the preservation of the foundation and principles, thus the protection our constitution would give us. We are grateful to you.”

You perform a great service

“Thanks so much for the service you do. You bring a brighter light to the darkness. I really enjoyed the Forum and only wish I could bring it to more people.

“As for how the Forum was run, I had no trouble following your direction or logic, wouldn’t change a thing”

Thank you for presenting the Biblical viewpoint

“Thanks Craig, I am really grateful for your work. I thank the Lord for your site and all the extra effort you put into assisting all of us as we pursue the truth and the right way to vote…following the Biblical approach that just isn’t available any more.

“We really appreciate you!”

Tremendous and much-needed service

“Dear Craig,

“Thank you so much for taking the time to research the judicial candidates in L.A. County for me. It is a tremendous and much-needed service you are providing to countless citizens who are otherwise uninformed about the integrity and thought process of the candidates.”

Appreciate knowing how to vote for the judges

“Hi Craig,

“Your research and recommendations really help, especially with the judges. I am an attorney and don’t know how to vote for the judges.”

Clarified the propositions for me

“Hi Craig,

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for clarifying these 2 propositions. How do you do it? Your knowledge is so thorough and detailed. I told everyone I know about these.”

Appreciate your hard work


“Thank you very much for your diligent, hard work of researching the candidates and issues for the upcoming election. It is the best information and guidance that most of us conservative, Christian voters can rely upon. Blessings.”

God bless your ministry


“Thank you so much for what you do. I know this is a huge effort, but you can rest assured that there are many people—including three people in this family—who rely on the information that you provide to help us make wise choices during each election. May God continue to bless your ministry.”

Highlighted my blind spot

“Mr. Huey,

“I attended your presentation at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills recently and thought you were great! The fact-based information you provided on the candidates was extremely valuable. You also highlighted my blind spot when selecting judges in the past. With your organization’s help I will now be a better informed voter on all the candidates.”

Decisions in God

“Dear Craig,

“Thank you for all the hard work you do in helping us to make God-honoring decisions in these elections. May God bless you as you serve Him in this way.”

My heartfelt thanks


“My heartfelt thanks for all that your organization does! I can’t always do the backup research that you do so well. I want my vote to COUNT!”

Awesome website


“Thank you for your awesome website. I utilize it to make my choices when voting, and will not vote without it.”

It was very informative and educational


“Thanks for speaking at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills a few weeks ago.

“It was very informative and educational.

“I have always struggled specifically with judges. You have been a great help in how to sort through the decision process as well as providing constructive data to make the best decisions.”

Informative and thorough


“That was a wonderful Election Forum. It was a very informative and thorough treatment of the important issues facing us in the upcoming elections. Thanks for all your hard work.”

Love your newsletter


“We (wife and I) are big fans of your newsletter. Many thanks and may the LORD bless your work.”

Thank you for your expertise and knowledge

“Mr. Huey,

“Thank you ever so much for your wonderful, marvelous presentation Friday night in Redondo Beach at the Election Forum. Your grace and knowledge and expertise and service are so greatly appreciated and I hope will not go unnoticed! Thank you so very much.”

A source I can trust

“Mr. Huey,

“Thank you so much for your information on Prop 98 and Prop 99. I certainly appreciate the information you had on the different judges. It was very helpful and now I can vote for them, before I used to leave them blank because I knew nothing about their background. It is so nice to have a reliable Christian with political information.”