Great Awakening: A New “Army” Is Ready to Defend Religious Liberty [Video]

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A New “Army” Is Ready to Defend Religious Liberty

There were 500 Hispanic pastors in the Hispanic church auditorium in San Diego…

They were shocked at what they were hearing … and they were motivated to take action.

First, two Hispanic pastors spoke. One told the crowd how their local governments were unconstitutionally trying to shut their ministries down so local marijuana and vape pens at discount business could move in. The taxes on state-licensed marijuana businesses provide a windfall to local governments as well as to the state bureaucracy.

The other described a different violation of constitutionally-guaranteed rights.

Next, Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills [hotlink:] spoke – using a translator – about state government legislation attacking religious freedom … such as:

  • AB 329 – the new sex-ed curriculum that is now enshrined into law in the California Education Code
  • AB 2943 – the recently withdrawn bill that would have – among other prohibitions – destroyed the livelihoods of counselors offering help to those wanting to overcome unwanted same-sex attraction

Then I gave a talk – also using a translator – about:

  • The history of how pastors and Christians have acted as salt and light for American society going all the way back to the Revolutionary War
  • The persecution of Christians overseas
  • The persecution of Christians in the U.S. – such as the ordeal of Jack Phillips and his Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado
  • The importance of supporting Israel

I also talked about our Election Forum and how we teach voters how to vote their values by:

  • Explaining the Christian worldview
  • Explaining the propositions on the ballot
  • Talking about issues and where the candidates stand on each one
  • Posting our county-by-county voter guide on our website

I shared that many Election Forum attendees are in tears after they learn how to vote their values. Many were not even aware that the COULD vote their values because:

  • They were told they had to vote for the Party they were registered with
  • They were told to vote a certain way by their spouses
  • They were told they had to vote a certain way by their labor union

These Hispanic pastors are arming for political and cultural transformation:

  • They want Election Forum voter guides to distribute in their churches
  • They want to host election forums at their churches
  • They want their people to prioritize issues and vote for pro-life, pro-religious liberty, pro-Israel candidates

After my talk, Shelly gave a powerful prayer for these pastors…

I think it will bless you just as it blessed them. Click on the link below to download the file. It’s 8 minutes, but the file is large, so it may take a few minutes to download.

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  1. Dear Craig Hewey, I get a message stating (Shelly’s info is no longer available). It is dated today,Sept. 13. I would love to read and pray that prayer.

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