GOP Debate: Winners and Losers Must-See List [video]

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What a difference.

The 4th GOP debate actually had hard, honest questions.

And the candidates gave specific answers on their roadmap and solutions to economic recovery and growth.

The biggest winner: Fox Business news and Neil Cavuto.

The biggest loser: Gov. John Kasich…

Donald Trump and Ben Carson are leading in the polls and held their own during the debate.

Here is our list of winners and losers:

Best Answers and Delivery:

  1. Ted Cruz (overall)
  2. Marco Rubio
  3. Ben Carson (on minimum wage)

Worst Answers and Delivery:

  1. John Kasich
  2. Jeb Bush

Best and Strongest Closing Remarks:

  1. Ted Cruz
  2. Ben Carson

Most Honest Answers

Ben Carson

Biggest Advocate of Government and Liberal Policies

  1. John Kasich
  2. Jeb Bush
  3. Donald Trump

Most Pro-Freedom Policies Advocated

  1. Ted Cruz
  2. Rand Paul
  3. Ben Carson

Biggest Jerk

John Kasich

And the number of viewers, unlike the last debate, broke the record at 24 million viewers.

Here are the rankings of twitter mentions during the debate:

  1. Donald Trump: 24%
  2. Ted Cruz: 12%
  3. Ben Carson: 12%
  4. Jeb Bush: 12%
  5. Marco Rubio: 11%
  6. John Kasich: 10%
  7. Rand Paul: 10%
  8. Carly Fiorina: 9%

And here are some great video highlights:

Carly Fiorina on creating jobs and growing the economy, here.

Ted Cruz on Hillary Clinton’s policies, here. And Ted Cruz on his tax plan, here.

Marco Rubio on his tax plan and military spending, here.

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8 Comments on “GOP Debate: Winners and Losers Must-See List [video]”

  1. In my opinion the best chance for a republican to be elected is Rubio.
    Neither Trump or Carson have a realistic chance of being elected.
    Rubio would pick up much of the Hispanic vote and do okay with women.

  2. I thought Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mike Huckabee, and Ben Carson did the best of the candidates. Carly Fiorino would make a good Vice President, I think. Cruz and Rubio have a great grasp of the issues and project it. Ben Carson is the most believable candidate up there, but doesn’t show any dynamic energy. We’ll see in the long run.

  3. I thought Cruz did the best. John Kasich was my least favorite. I am stumped as to why some think Trump is a good choice. Jeb and Rubio are are party puppets, more of the same as we have seen from the status quo that does nothing but aid and help Obama.

    As to economics… I just don’t see Trump as a wiz… he has bankruptcies… which means he mismanaged things and shorted his creditors. I just don’t think Carly did a good job for HP and I don’t think she would do a good job for America.

    I like Huckabee and Santorum and Carson, but I feel that . Although I respect Carson, I just think he isn’t my candidate.

    I want someone that will handle Hillary and the media well and that will be the people’s candidate and NOT all about themselves as I feel Trump and Kasich are.

    I want someone who can handle the courts and wade through the legal morass created by the parties and the present administration and who I can at least hope will prosecute those who have violated the Constitution and law in both parties.

    I think Cruz cares more about the country than most of the rest at as much about it as anyone else. I like that he has been willing to stand alone if necessary and even against the good old boys risking all for the principles that we are founded upon.

    I think he will be a great leader and president. The only negative about him becoming president is that he won’t be in the senate to fight there.

    I don’t think Hillary has a chance against him. I think he will let the Americans of Latino descent and background know that they are Americans as much as anyone else. I think he is for the melting pot and not divisive like Obama has been. I think he will not put party and reelection above duty and Constitution. I think he will encourage the good and prosecute the criminal. I think he will fight ISIS and Islamic terror and I think he will help the American family and the American worker and the single mom.

    I’m not sure who would be my choice for VP other than Cruz… maybe Scott Walker of Bobby Jindal. Rubio is not on my radar because he is to aligned with the party and the good old boys. He is acceptable to them and their backup if Jeb fails.

    For me it is Cruz… I think he is the best opportunity I have had since Reagan and he may be better. Time will tell.

    As for the debate…. he won it and eliminating the IRS and the Dept. of Ed. and Obamacare and the death tax and the payroll tax etc. are huge positives in my mind.

    I am going with Ted Cruz.

  4. I’d like half of these people to just go home. Especially BUSH. I think the polls will do whatever they can to get him in the running.. GO HOME JEB BUSH…. GO HOME – NOW.

  5. I don’t think Donald Trump should be in your tally for those most liberal and for big government, do not agree with you at all on this.
    Jeb Bush and John Kasich yes, but not Donald Trump.
    John Kasich talks like a Democrat as does Jeb Bush. Also, I am not really sure that Marco
    Rubio is not for amnesty for those here illegally. Donald Trump is right, they are breaking the law and this must be addressed and they must go back to their own countries. Ted Cruz also agrees with this. I think you are putting Donald Trump in the wrong catagory and in doing this you will cost him votes……..

  6. Hello Ellen: I understand your view that Donald Trump advocates some small government positions. He also has a big government background. He is a NY builder. That means he works with the NY crony elites. He gives money to crony capitalists including Hillary and her foundation. He brags about manipulating politicians with largesse. He promotes the government taking of private property which is an essential big government right-the right of government needs over private rights.
    I like some of what he says but his history is a history of crony capitalism-that means big and corrupt government power in concert with moneyed interests. When I read between the lines I think he believes in power in his hands and in the hands of big government, working for the good of all. The idea that that power would be wielded for me is not attractive.

  7. The past century of GOP governance following election debates filled with claims of ‘problem solving’ capabilities and constitutionalism evidences just why these debates MUST NEVER weight voter’s decisions – if we are to altar America’s trajectory toward national-suicide at the hands of democrat-socialists, and constitutional-relativists increasingly infecting the GOP like a cancer over the past century.

    Only past voting records, associations evidencing where true loyalties lie (fraternal groups, religions, think-tanks, nonprofit foundations, ‘councils’ influencing foreign relations, etc.), or conclusive proof of constitutional loyalty, are verifiable evidence of a candidate’s disqualifiers or electability.

    The emaciated and conservative-relativist condition of the GOP begs the question of whether or not GOP voters know the definition of ‘political conservatism’? The actual definition of ‘political-conservatism’– “resistance to change from the original intent of America’s amended constitution.”

    ‘The lessor of two evils’ inherent in replacing ‘democrat-socialist/globalists’ with ‘constitutional-deconstructionists/globalists claiming conservatism’ only works IF IT IS THE EXCEPTION – AND NOT A CENTURY LONG PATTERN INCREASING IN FREQUENCY as America has experienced.

    Continuing to replace democrats with constitutional-relativists claiming conservatism will have our generation of GOP voters will correctly become known as the generation who sacrificed their own future generations at the altar of their malleability, denial and inaction.

    It’s now time for the ‘establishment media’ to do their part in ‘herding GOP voting sheep into the establishment corral.’ Soon the hundreds of millions of dollars in ‘establishment-insider’ PAC and other dollars will be brought to bear on GOP non-establishment candidates along with tactical use of the ‘Hillary threat’ to clear the way for Bush or Rubio. Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Network is likely to produce outcome-based polling and other analysis anointing establishment candidates as “The only ones who can beat Hillary.” Just as occurred during past election cycles which is how we were pressured into accepting ant-constitutionalist,. and proponent of ‘government health control’ Romney.

    Far more important than debates, when will America’s pulpits return to admonishing their flocks of their obligation to lovingly represent Christ in society and government to the exclusion of competing world-views which offend God and destroy America? Intent aside, A shepherd endangering his own sheep by failing to call them to action, effectively maintains happy sheep for wolves to consume more than he engages in shepherding. The sad fact is that, had most of those populating today’s pulpits, populated America’s pulpits 1600s-1800’s, America may have remained under British tyranny and the evils of slavery may have continued. Gone is the teaching of the biblically based principal that Christians offend God by participating in the evils they have knowledge of yet do not oppose. Minimized is the teaching that ‘works’ are required to evidence faith is real and not a product of experiential-religion or emotions. All of which affects the extent to which Christ is represented in society and government which is what makes or breaks America’s survival.

    “PRAYER, THEN ACTION – because “faith without works is dead.”

  8. I have been reading election forum materials and website information for years. But I have never read anything on the election forum website more true, and necessary to know if America is to be saved from destruction then the comment made above by the person named “Michael” on 11/13/15 at 12:14 am. GOP voters MUST stop listening to campaign debates assuming the words of those in the debates stated by “Establishment” candidates contains truth. The GOP has been poisoned by neocons, conservative-impostors who we must make sure are never our candidates. America’s existing dangerously deconstructed condition is a result of many decades of democrats destroying America quickly while “Establishment” conservatives (who are not conservatives at all) deliberately do not turn back the socialist advances of democrats when these GOP conservative impostors make their way into office. America has no chance of survival if we do not cure the GOP of the disease of “Establishment/Neo Cons who have the GOP functioning as the party of less destruction when compared to democrats, instead of being a party of restoration. GOP voters must return the GOP to being the party of the constitution, which can only be done by using the constitution to filter out those claiming to be conservative but who are not. To begin the process of restoring the GOP, we must stop listening to those on Fox News who talk about conservationism, and tell us how destructive democrats are, but fail to use the constitution as their measure for conservatism – which is no conservatism at all! Anyone who has studied the writings and comments of Rupert Murdoch the founder of the Fox News/business network knows this man controls who is hired by Fox-News. And therefore, given Murdoch’s highly globalist world view, it should be of no surprise to anyone that those claiming conservatism on Fox are actually “Establishment” Neo Con constitutional relativists claiming conservatism. Bottom line is that, America has little chance of survival if we elect the likes of “Establishment” useful-pawns like Rubio, Bush, or Kasich.

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