FreedomFest 2020…I’d Like You to Join Me…

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I’d like you to join me for my favorite conference.

I hope you’ll come, it’s the one conference of the year you should attend.

FreedomFest 2020 is scheduled for July 13 – 17, 2020 in Las Vegas…for the largest, most powerful event of the year on politics, investments, the economy and much more.

Over 200 speakers, hundreds of workshops along with authors, films, politicians and more.

I’ll be speaking on Tuesday, July 14th at 4:20 PM in Julius 25 (Main Stage 2).  The title of the presentation is Socialism, Bureaucracy & the Deep State:  7 Threats to Individual Freedom No One Dares to Talk About

Plus, I have a special workshop especially for business owners and marketing directors.  Please plan to attend Marketing During the Historic Pandemic Crisis:  7 Emergency Actions Business Owners Should Take Now on Thursday, July 16th at 3:50 PM.  This workshop will be in the Verona Ballroom.

Some of the speakers include Senator Rand Paul, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Charlie Kirk, Senator Mike Lee, Donald Trump, Jr., Steve Moore, Dr. Mark Skousen, and more.

You can learn more and sign up by clicking here.

Be sure you:

  • Let me know you are planning to attend.

Thanks, and hope to see you at FreedomFest 2020!

Craig Huey

President and Founder

CDMG, Inc.

3 Comments on “FreedomFest 2020…I’d Like You to Join Me…”

  1. You mentioned deep state and I’m speechless. I pray more ppl wake up and God shines the light on the darkness that has been covering this nation and the world. Even though I can not afford to go I can give spiritual/prayer support for this event. I can share this with others and help spread the word. May God bless you and this event in The name Jesus Christ.

  2. Are we going to have to wear antifa masks and sit 6 feet apart, filling the venue to only half capacity? Or do we get to let freedom ring and rock it like a Trump rally ;-).

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