Fact Checking: Ted Cruz is a US Citizen vs. The Internet Lie

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Ted Cruz at CPAC 2014 (Credit: Gage Skidmore)

Don’t trust what you see on Facebook or read in an email.

Much of it is not true.

For example, the lie that Ted Cruz is not a natural born citizen.

Indeed, he is; and therefore, he can run for President of the United States.

He is eligible, but his status is being challenged by Trump supporters.

I’ve already written about this. Click here to learn more.

The truth is, Cruz can run for President.

And the courts agree.

The latest to rule in Cruz’ favor? New Jersey.

Judge Jeff Masin ruled that the child of a citizen parent, whether mother or father, is a natural born citizen. Pennsylvania and Illinois also ruled that Cruz is eligible to run. Even the New York Supreme Court rejected a challenge.

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2 Comments on “Fact Checking: Ted Cruz is a US Citizen vs. The Internet Lie”

  1. No. Natural Born Citizens should be born in the USA from Parents born in the USA. That’s natural born.
    In the Bible what do you think it means when it says “natural born” vs. “stranger that lives among you”?
    Would I want a person who was born in Russian from a US-citizen-Parent (whatever style), who was raised in Russian, to come back here to America, and run for President, win, and lead the country? Who would want that? But that’s what we have now with Obama. He was not born in Hawaii. The records keeper mysteriously is killed in a plane crash in which no others are killed.
    Do we want ANYONE who was not raised with American values to be an American President? We have one now. It’s not working.
    Trump has American Values and he is natural born.
    He has no allegiance, no bleeding heart for any other nationality or people.
    He knows Americans are made up of immigrants and wants the people …All People… to follow the laws. His thoughts are All American.
    Ted Cruz is not American but a CFR-Globalist. Anyone voting for him would be voting for a man who wants to “rule the world” as he said in his own words. (“Out of the heart the mouth speaketh”, says the Bible) Simple as that.

  2. On March 8, Ted Cruz announced that Neil, the brother of former GOP contender Jeb Bush, would be joining his finance team. “I am thrilled to welcome these new members to our outstanding team. This race is winnowing down between two candidates, and this is further testament that conservatives are continuing to unite behind this campaign,” Cruz said in a statement announcing Bush’s appointment.

    No one could argue with the experience possessed by the people picked by Cruz to advise him on foreign policy. The problem isn’t that his inner circle is composed of men and women of vast foreign policy experience; the problem is that their experience is in growing government, supporting surveillance, and using American troops as global peacekeepers. As constitutionalists know, each of these endeavors — pursued over and over by Cruz’s chosen advisors — is unconstitutional and not at all consistent with Ted Cruz’s public statements.

    So, the two top Republican contenders each claim to be an outsider yet each has chosen to surround himself with advisors who have blue chip establishment bona fides. That isn’t to say that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz would follow without challenge or question the counsel provided by these members of their teams.

    In fact, both Trump and Cruz have been attacked by the establishment for their failure to toe the party line. Neocon nabobs have taken shots at both men — a sign that neither would be the first choice of the insiders.

    There is no denying, however, that both men, despite their claims of constitutional fidelity and commitment to take power away from Washington, D.C. and give it back to the people, have ties to the top echelon of globalist, neoconservative, Establishment power-brokers that both candidates have promised to put out of business.

    In 2005, the Council on Foreign Relations released a document called “Building a North American Community,” a report outlining the global-engineering CFR’s quest to create a North American Union based on the model of the European Union. A system of regional-governance necessarily eliminating United states sovereignty while claiming no such intent, by requiring the United States to submit to the rules and regulations of this regional governance body. More than an irony given that it is absolutely unconstitutional for anyone in the United States government to approve agreements or pass legislation placing the United States in a subservience roll to a foreign entity.

    The report identifies its aim as detailing an “ambitious set of proposals that build on the recommendations adopted by the three governments at the Texas summit of March 2005. The Task Force’s central recommendation is establishment by 2010 of a North American economic and security community, the boundaries of which would be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter.”

    So, what of Heidi Cruz’s involvement? Mrs. Cruz was a member of the ‘Task Force’ that was tapped by the CFR to analyze the proposals for the establishment of a North American Union as set out in the report.

    Beginning on page 33 of the report, Heidi Cruz provided her assessment of the NAU proposal:
    “I support the Task Force report and its recommendations aimed at building a safer and more prosperous North America. Economic prosperity and a world safe from terrorism and other security threats are no doubt inextricably linked.”

    She does end her analysis by suggesting that “investment funds and financing mechanisms” that would drive the NAU “should only be developed in conjunction with market participants.” However, her statement that “market participants” should be involved does not change the fact that she is on record as supporting “recommendations aimed at building” North American union.

    Bottom line, is that Heidi Cruz is yet another conservative and Christian talking constitutional-deconstructionist and global-engineer infecting the GOP like a cancer. Something that begs the question of just how much her globalist American sovereignty destroying notions will influence her husband if president.

    If the GOP is not returned to being ‘the party of the Constitution,’ then it will continue to function as the lesser of two America destroying mainstream political parties.

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