Evangelical Growth vs. Everyone Else

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Last issue (see Christianity: Disappearing in America?) we analyzed the latest trends in religion in America.

And, as we noted, evangelicals were the only religious group that didn’t dramatically decline.

One big reason evangelical Protestants have not declined at the same rate as other major Christian groups is that they are gaining new converts at a greater rate than they are losing people.

While 8.4% of Americans were raised as evangelicals and have since left evangelicalism for another faith (or no faith), even more U.S. adults (9.8%) were raised in another faith (or without religious affiliation) and have since become born again evangelicals.

God is moving.

Cultural Christianity is crumbling.

“Nones” are rising.

But beyond the critical trends, lives are being transformed by the cross. Don’t let the liberal media and distorted online reports distort or diminish the power of God in salvation.

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