Election Spotlight: Rubio and Kasich [video]

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  1. Marco Rubio: No Compromising on the Sanctity of Life

Sen. Marco Rubio has strongly and consistently defended the sanctity of life in his political career and presidential campaign.

He says that moral issues, like the definition of life and marriage, are not political issues. They are foundational principles to our society.

Watch this powerful interview with Sen. Rubio, where he explains why the sanctity of life is so important to him and why he will never compromise on it for political gain:


  1. John Kasich: Champion of Christian Values and Religious Liberty?

Presidential candidate John Kasich has announced that, if he becomes President, he will create a government agency that exists to spread Judeo-Christian values around the world.

He’s trying to pander to the Christian vote by making himself out to be a champion of Christian values and religious liberty. He’s explained that he wants this agency to establish a Christian based belief system in Iran, China, Russia and the rest of the Middle East. He says that the radicalization of many young people by ISIS is due to a “vacuum of values.”

The agency would exist to protect and expand religious liberty, free speech, democracy and other human rights.

The problem? Kasich doesn’t even defend these values here, under their Constitutional protections.

We need our government to protect our Judeo-Christian values and Constitutional rights – not try to impose them on everyone else.

One of the fundamental Judeo-Christian values is the sanctity of marriage – but John Kasich has capitulated to the Supreme Court’s power grab in redefining this fundamental institution. He passed the buck on this controversy.

What’s more, Kasich is not a champion of religious liberty – not even here in America, where it is constitutionally protected. His verdict on Kim Davis’ request for her religious exercise regarding marriage to be respected? She has no right to religious exercise because “she’s a government employee.”

If you don’t uphold religious liberty as written and protected in the Constitution of a Judeo-Christian nation, the attempt to spread Christian values and freedoms to the most anti-Christian parts of the world is a farce.

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  1. I couldn’t disagree with you more as regards John Kasich. He has been pragmatic in governing. Trying to re-fight battles you’ve already lost is an exercise in futility. You have to work within the law. John has accomplished a lot in Ohio. He was an effective congressman (remember the balanced budget)
    I know it’s the year of the outsider, but I’ve had enough of an inexperienced president who doesn’t have any idea how to work with his party, let alone the opposition, to govern. Electing another one just because his politics line up with mine makes no sense to me. I want someone who’s politics I agree with, but that knows how to govern.
    I’ve seen too many races lost by being so far right that the bulk of the middle opts left. California has become so blue, because Republican primary voters have refused to elect anyone with the slightest purplish tinge.
    Laura Darke

  2. The past 50+ years of election campaign rhetoric followed by actual evidence of governance makes clear that NO RHETORIC FROM DEMOCRAT/SOCIALIST OR ‘ESTABLISHMENT’ GOP CANDIDATES IS TO BE TRUSTED.

    Only an investigation of their voting records and associations looking for evidence of constitutional-deconstructionism AS A DISQUALIFICATION or constitutional governance as qualification is to be considered – if America’s trajectory toward national suicide is to be altered to a trajectory toward restoration.

    Luke 12:57 – Yea, and why even of yourselves judge ye not what is right?
    Moreover, for America’s pulpits to continue to ‘edit through omission’ the portions of God’s Word requiring we engage in ‘works’ to evidence our faith is real and not assumed, has Christians failing to represent Christ in society and government to aid the needy and to the exclusion of anti-Christian world-views. Other than a few rare pulpits, the fact is that IF those populating today’s pulpits, had populated the pulpits in early America, we would likely have remained under European tyranny and slavery may well be legal.

    It is not Obama, democrats, or conservative impostors who destroyed America, so much as it is Christians ‘editing the word of God’ to exclude their obligation to represent Christ in society and government – democrats, and constitutional-deconstructionists infecting the GOP have merely filled the ‘Christ-void’ created by Christians who forget that while works do not purchase salvation “faith without works is dead.”

    Romans 13 requires we “give unto Caesar.” America’s version of the biblical Caesar is “the original intent of America’s amended constitution.” This, because like Caesar represented to Rome the same ‘rule of law’ the constitution is in America. Also, as military personnel and government officials did in Rome by taking an ‘oath to Caesar,’ those working in government and the military take an oath to “preserve, protect, and defend the constitution.” 98-million Americans claiming Christ are obligated to ensure their candidates will “preserve, protect, and defend the constitution” consistent with their oath of office – not compromise with democratic socialist/globalists as the governance records of ‘establishment’ candidates Rubio and Bush evidence.

    The GOP can win every future election and America still be destroyed – if the GOP is not cleansed of the constitutional-deconstructionists and ‘new world order’ global engineers that infected the GOP like a cancer.

    Believing in the campaign rhetoric of Rubio and Bush thereby allowing one of them to be elected merely insurers another election cycle whereby GOP voters must choose within the context of a dialectical ‘loose/loose.’ Either expediting America’s destruction with a Democrat, or destruction in different ways and slower with a constitutionally-schizophrenic ‘establishment’ GOP politician – merchandised to us by there conservative-relativist accomplices in the mainstream media.

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