Election 2016: Who’s “Lying”?

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Donald Trump (Michael Vadon)

Over the past three weeks, the Cruz and Trump camps have charged each other for lying about their opponents.

It’s sad … sickening … that these accusations are smearing all three remaining candidates. In politics, the fighting has sunk to a new low.

And it was already low to begin with.

Here are some of the accusations, and the truth behind them.

Donald Trump

Trump claimed that George W. Bush lied to get the United States into war with Iraq in 2003. Then he claimed two days later that he had never said that.

Bob Woodward (who broke the Watergate story against Richard Nixon) affirmed that Bush never lied about WMD, and in fact the Washington Post reported large caches of chemical weapons in 2005.

Bush did not lie. Trump did.

Trump later called Ted Cruz a liar because the US Senator from Texas declared that Trump supports funding Planned Parenthood. Cruz did not lie, because Trump does support federal, taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood.

Trump released a fake quote from former conservative US Senator Tom Coburn, in which he had purportedly ripped Ted Cruz as “without a doubt, one of the most dishonest people in DC.” Coburn shot down that lie: “Total fabrication”. Coburn has since then endorsed Marco Rubio for President.

Ted Cruz (Credit: Gage Skidmore)

Ted Cruz

Opponents have claimed that Ted Cruz is a serial liar, starting with the allegations that his campaign spread rumors about Dr. Ben Carson dropping out of the race in Iowa.

The truth is far more complex, and in no wise did Ted Cruz lie. CNN reported that Dr. Ben Carson was going to Florida. Congressman Steve King of Iowa hoped that more voters would select Cruz over Carson, and he tweeted his support. CNN then reported that it seemed that Carson was dropping out. Cruz staffers followed these media reports, and so did Rubio’s campaign. Here is the link of the timeline.

No, Cruz did not lie about Carson. CNN got the reports wrong, and the daisy chain of miscommunication followed.

Opponents also claim that Ted Cruz issues a fraudulent mailer, giving Iowa caucus-goers the impression that they were facing violations. It was a smart political mailer, not a lie.

Cruz has attacked Marco as insufficiently opposed to gay marriage. Rubio is opposed to gay marriage, but it’s not an issue he likes to talk about.

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10 Comments on “Election 2016: Who’s “Lying”?”

  1. I’m Republican thinking of changing to Independent – this lets us know who you support, but I’m tired of the Republican establishment, we need someone who is willing to stand for what is right

    1. And who might that be? Not Trump I hope. Consider just what comes out of his mouth a few examples, in the public.
      Take him out on a stretcher, rough him up, I’ll even pay for legal fee.
      I’d like to punch his face.
      Carson is a pathological liar, like a child-molester.
      Little Rubio, little Rubio.
      George Bush lied ( without evidence)
      McCain is not a war hero, he was captured, no hero.
      He has no ideological principle. He donated to anyone in power for personal benefits regardless of where they stand on principles, e.g. Reid, Shuma, Hillary Clinton, Pelosi…. who are for abortion, for gay marriage, for amnesty.
      I will leave the critique about his personal faith and conviction alone since he has said he never has to ask for forgiveness. A man who is always right has no room for improvement or changes.
      No body is perfect, including Cruz, but he acknowledges that there is a higher being that he submits to.

      1. Penny,

        You are not wrong about what Trump has said, but you give no context for the quotes.

        I am looking past your comments and looking at the bigger picture. His record in business indicates he knows how to get the job done. He is not running for president for his own aggrandizement. We have problem in the country and a “saint” is not going to get it solved.

        I look at a man’s family as an indicator of his leadership. I see three very fine off-spring who are well-prepared to continue running his organization while he is dealing with all the adversity our nation faces.

  2. There’s a desperation and anger that I’m seeing in this election that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before! We are a country that is at a tipping point, and I’m afraid it’s not going to tip in the Conservatives favor. Too many Conservatives are allowing their anger to guide their judgement instead of God and not supporting the candidate that loves God, is humble and not afraid to ask His for guidance and wisdom. And sadly, because of that lack of support one of the good ones, Ben Carson, dropped out. Instead they’re going with the candidate that feeds their anger and frustration, and when your mind is in revenge mode, that’s never a good thing!

  3. Cruz did lie about Trump, saying Trump supported partial birth abortion. Trump said he does not support abortion, but does think the medical exam part of it is ok. He never said he supported taxpayer funding for abortion.

    As far as Bush lied, I saw a General on TV that worked closely with Bush, and he said that Bush wanted to get Saddam from day one in office. He said that Bush went in to Iraq just to get Saddam for putting a hit on Bush father. This was no lie.

    As far as Cruz people lying in Iowa, people wrote in that they were told that Carson endorsed Cruz, so vote Cruz.

  4. Craig,

    You are wrong about the Iraq war. It was instigated by the governments of the USA, U.K. and Israel. If Trump is elected president he would tell the true story of the 9/11 Black Flag event. As a former supporter of GW Bush, I am ashamed and embarrassed of his presidency.

    Ted Cruz supports the New World Order whereas Trump wishes to maintain America’s sovereignty.

    If you follow Fox News, you have to know by now they are engaging in “yellow” journalism. Also Trump does support health care for women, but NOT abortions.

    As a Follower of Jesus Christ, the Bible gives us a number of examples where God has used sinful men for His purposes. If Trump become president we will know for sure God raised him up because all leaders are raised up by Him for His purposes.

    1. “If my people who are called by My name shall humble themselves and pray and repent from their wicked ways….”
      How does God use a man who never has to ask for forgiveness from him, who boasts that he is better than anyone in anything, who belittles, insults, intimidates anyone who disagrees with him.
      If we have to depend on this man to save our Nation, then our God is very little.

    2. If Trump can accomplish great things, as you believe that God would raise up a sinner to do great things, what would most likely happen will be that he is not for one to humbly say, yes God used me, let’s give glory to God. Can you picture that? Would God be glorified?
      Trump has believed that he is the greatest person alive; the higher office and the huge empowerment by supporters regardless of his conducts will only strengthen his self importance.
      David was a great sinner. God gets the glory only when David repented.

  5. As a lifelong GOP member who worked at the United Nations in support of the Bush Administration, it greatly saddens me to have to say that Hal’s assessment above is 100% correct. Not mere conspiracy theory, but pure fact.

    It is not by chance that President Bush Senior in front of Congress (See: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=byxeOG_pZ1o) along with Secretary of State Kissinger, and many, many, other of the most powerful people on planet earth have spoken about a ‘new world order,’ yet the ‘establishment’ main stream media deliberately minimize it as if ‘re-ordering the entire world’ was not something they should have ensured was highly investigated and clearly defined.

    For all his talk of conservatism and Christianity, both President Bush(s) and their like-minded ‘establishment’ accomplices pursuing a ‘new world order,’ were/are in direct conflict with their oath of office to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. Just like it was in direct opposition to the Oath of Office ‘establishment’ conservative-schizophrenic and ‘chameleon’ Newt Gingrich took when he engaged in deception and manipulation to sell GOP voters on the bogus ‘free trade’ agreements like NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT that ended up acting like the proverbial ‘opening of the flood gates’ allowing manufacturing and production, and subsequently Americas middle-class, to flow out of America into highly corrupt and socialist nations.

    To ensure terms are defined accurately, when we hear the group within the GOP, Democratic parties, and all mainstream media referred to as “establishment,” this group should generally considered considered to be ‘New world order,’ or their well-intended useful-pawns. For example, having read and listen to the worldview of Fox News Network found her Rupert Murdoch, It is my opinion that Murdoch is most definitely 100% ‘establishment’ globalist ‘New World order’ — as evidenced by the ‘establishment’ on-air personalities and pundits allowed on Fox. Some of whom like Gingrich, who are ‘establishment political chameleons,’ are now attempting to provide the perception they are against GOP leadership chicanery at the GOP convention, now that Trump appears to be the likely GOP nominee.

    Then there is the issue of, when we have GOP congressional majorities, ending the fake-opposition the ‘establishment’ GOP congressional leadership provides allowing Democrats to succeed with their anti-American Socialist/neo-Marxist and globalist agenda. This serves to provide more evidence, is if more was needed, that ‘establishment’ Democrats, and ‘establishment’ conservative-impostors who increasingly infecting the GOP like a cancer for a century, function as ‘two opposing sides to the same America destroying coin.’

    Whether voters like Trump or not, is a far less of an issue then the issue of just why Trump exists as a candidate. The only reason Trump exists as a candidate is because establishment conservative-imposters and their useful-pawns have deconstructed and emaciated both the GOP and America to the extent that the GOP now represents ‘the lesser of two America destroying mainstream political parties.’ Meaning, the GOP must be cleansed of the constitutional-deconstructionists and outright conservative imposters infecting it like a cancer if the GOP, and subsequently America, are to survive.

    Bottom line is that the GOP is infected like a cancer with deceptive constitutional-deconstructionists and out right conservative-impostors along with their useful-pawns who pursue a ‘new world order’ at the expense of America and at the expense of the future of our children and grandchildren. And all the while, the talk of conservatism and Christianity flows like a river during election cycles, only to be followed by constitutional-deconstructionism, global-engineering, and conservative-schizophrenia when these ‘establishment’ conservative-impostors are elected.
    The most relevant question to whether or not America survives, or continues its trajectory toward national suicide is, will Americas post-1800s pulpits return to doing what America’s pre-1900s pulpits did that catalyzed the fight to end British tyranny and slavery? Which is to apply the word of God to everything, including our obligation to represent Christ in society and government to the exclusion of competing and pathological worldviews – and especially to the biblical mandate to oppose evildoers.

    Our post-1800s ‘works-phobic’ American Christianity increasingly functions as if James 2:20 stated ‘faith without works is alive,’ instead of “But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?” Though ‘works’ do not purchase salvation, we exist to choose faith in Christ and then remain busy glorifying God with ‘works’ evidencing our faith is true and not assumed/dead. And that means not merely talking and reading about Christ, but engaging in works ensuring Christ is represented in society and government as was done in pre-1900s America which resulted in care for the needy to the exclusion of government doing so, the spreading of God’s word, and opposing evil doers.

    Time to wake up our ‘slumbering shepherds’ to the fact that the wolves are increasingly killing the sheep before the flock is consumed, and respectfully demand they stop editing the ‘works requirement’ out of the Word of God — as it ultimately determines whether our children and grandchildren live free or in tyranny, then get busy joining with our Christian brothers and sisters fearlessly glorify Christ by representing Him in society and government.

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