Is your church on the list?

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In the following months, I will be speaking at many churches. The purpose is both simple and clear.

I want to make sure that the fact that your life has gotten so busy isn’t what is holding you back from voting your values.

     I want to make sure that you have an easy guide to follow that puts your Christian values as the metrics.

So is your church on my list? Here are the churches I’ll be at:

Speaking Engagements

In the first 30 minutes of our Election Forum talks, I will go over the Christian worldview and social/moral trends. Following immediately after is my presentation of the candidates and their stance on those critical issues and the pros/cons of the propositions.


I don’t recommend candidates; I simply present them along with their stances on critical issues that affect you and your family.


If your church is not already on the list, would you like me to reach out to your church? What can you do to help me come to your church?


Prayer Point: Pray God will expand our churches, draw a great number of people to our forums and that He be glorified in our efforts.


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