Church Attacked – Set on Fire – Because it Held a Worship Service.

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Across America, pastors have been threatened, fined and some jailed for holding church services. 

Christians attending church have been harassed, intimidated, and fined.

But for one church, the Christian haters burnt down their church.

Here is what Pastor Jerry Waldrop said:

“Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that in America, in our church – the First Pentecostal Church of Holly Sprints, Mississippi – I would see armed police standing in our aisles, ordering us to shut down our worship services.

“Even worse, I never thought that in America I’d experience what it was like for those armed policemen to hand me an official government document, ordering our community of faithful to cease and desist worshipping on Easter Sunday and to depart the House of God.

“Or that in America we would have to go to court to confirm our right to the free exercise of religion, to peacefully assemble and to raise our voices in the adoration of God – rights that are expressly guaranteed in our beloved Constitution’s First Amendment and for which the brave men and women in our military services have fought and died.”

Then a few days later the church was set on fire – an arsonist left a message that was burnt – beware they should not be open.

“Someone burned down our church, leaving only a smoldering mass of debris and our dreams.  They left graffiti, trying to shame us for worshiping together in our church.”

“But critics tell us that we are selfish, and that by gathering we are endangering other people who might believe differently. “

After the church burnt down, an appeals court ordered the government to let them worship – with a church completely gone.

The pastor’s message to all:

“We recognize that not everyone shares our belief in the Word of God as revealed in the Bible.  We are not offended that others don’t share our firmly held belief that gathering together to worship and to study the Bible is an essential duty and necessary to the growth of the church and its members.  And we pray for the soul and peace of mind of someone who would harbor such hatred that he would take from us our cherished spiritual home.”

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7 Comments on “Church Attacked – Set on Fire – Because it Held a Worship Service.”

  1. They are doing their best to take over America, and destroy the Church now another virus scare attempt, and some just jumped me for saying I had rather be dead than submit to their mash and lock down, I trust God over a stinking mask or any sickness or anything else, these tyrants and bullies need to be stopped, its all a scare to stop the polls from opening, and get mail in ballots so they can cheat and wing the election, they have already proved they are nothing but liars, and America needs to stop listening to them, the CDC, the WHO need to shut up and leave here with the UN, and we need to TRUST GOD AGAIN IN THIS NATION, WE HAVE PUT OUR TRUST IN MEN, AND THEY FALL, OUR GOD HAS NEVER FAILED.

  2. Check out Rosa Koire. She was a forensic commercial investigator who exposes the ELITES plan to destroy America. She has firsthand knowledge. Every single liberal Democrat ought to listen to her…after all, she was one. She is a lesbian, but no longer a Democrat.

    Each day thousands of liberal Democrats are LEAVING THE FAKE DEMOCRAT PARTY WHO HAVE BEEN HIJACKED BY HELL BENT GLOBALISTS INTENT ON TAKING AMERICA COMPLETELY DOWN TO ZERO. If you love your life, please leave the Democrat party NOW! Check out

  3. I believe that the Word of God guides, directs our lives. That we are to follow the laws of the land, unless the are opposition to the Word of God. God is in Control
    Of everything going on, we just need to PRAY, BE FAITHFUL and listen to the Holy
    Spirit. God will use all things that are evil and turn it around for His Good!!!

  4. Craig, you certainly have brought us an important story- so how do we respond? Will we be able to resolve this peacefully?
    If the sentiment of your respondents is to be adhered, we may be left with no other option but outright civil war.

    But before we get there, we MUST do something else: PRAY!!!! As believers we have access to the unimaginable power of the creator of all things! I know we’re likely all praying individually but somehow we need to engage our churches in joint and corporate prayer, crying out for our loathsome sin and asking Jesus for a new wave of the MOVE OF GOD across our land!

    If we end up feeling compelled to take up arms let us first take up PRAYER! I believe this: God is Still on HIS throne and PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!

    Russ Park
    Lakeside, Ca

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