Christian Music and the Decline of the Church in America

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When I first accepted Christ as my personal Savior, Christian contemporary music was in its infancy.

It was looked down upon by the mainline churches, cultural Christianity and most evangelical churches.

Over the years, the boom in contemporary Christian music has been historic and astonishing.

My wife and I love going to concerts, listening to Christian contemporary music and try to keep up on the latest styles and trends.

It’s great.

But for many years, many have said it’s in a decline.

Less concerts, less churches sponsoring local concerts for evangelism, less attendees and concert-goers. So what is the state of Christian contemporary music? There are some statistics that show that while it may be in decline, it’s still strong.

  • 50 million albums were sold years ago; that number has decreased to 17 million
  • 215 million people listened to Christian and Gospel music in the last month on the radio; 17,362 albums were sold between January and December 2014
  • 31,470 songs were sold between January and December 2014
  • Newsboys, Lecrae and Plumb outsold some of the biggest names in mainstream music, with 557,112 tickets sold between January and March 2014. When my wife and I have been to Hillsong and other concerts, we find them sold out.

If there’s a decline, it’s for two reasons:

  1. The economy’s impact among Christians
  2. The decline of evangelical outreaches with Christian music by churches and youth groups

Contemporary Christian music is a powerful tool for learning Christian principles, memorizing Scripture, being encouraged and enlightened to share the gospel and not have your mind polluted with secular concepts and words by listening to secular music.

Let’s pray that God will use Christian musicians and music in powerful ways in the next 12 months.

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One Comment on “Christian Music and the Decline of the Church in America”

  1. Hi, i am working on a school project and wanted to know where did you find your statistical data?

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