California Teacher Fights Unions to Protect First Amendment Freedoms [Video]

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Freedom is on trial.

The US Supreme Court is about to decide if teachers must be forced to pay dues to unions … which fund candidates and causes that teachers oppose for political or religious reasons.

When I last talked to Rebecca Friedrichs, she faced enormous personal attacks, but remained confident and excited about her case.

In Friedrichs v. California, an Orange County, CA teacher is challenging the California Teachers Association on their forced union dues policy. Teachers like Friedrichs claim that these agency fees violate their First Amendment rights because these dues fund political activities contrary to the interests of the employees themselves. In many cases, union interests have become deliberately hostile to Judeo-Christian values.

If the Supreme Court rules for Friedrichs, it would render all union dues voluntary. As of now, the California Teachers’ Association expects a court ruling in Friedrich’s favor, and is preparing for the worst.

Please pray for Rebecca Friedrichs during this trying time, and for the attorneys, the judges, that they will act prudently and rule wisely.


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One Comment on “California Teacher Fights Unions to Protect First Amendment Freedoms [Video]”

  1. I don’t look for the CTA to accept defeat graciously. If they lose, they will drag this on till it gets to the Supreme Court or a law in their favor is written.

    Also, the CTA wants to make the sales tax increase permanent (Gov. Brown said that it would be temporary).

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