Biden Extends Power Grab: National Public Emergency for COVID-19

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After two years of government overreach and abuse of power, President Biden extended the National Public Emergency for COVID.

What does this National Public Emergency mean for America? The reality is we all experience:

  • The loss of freedom and individual rights…
  • The trampling of religious liberty…
  • The assault on kids and parental rights…
  • The economic devastation…
  • The growth of government, the health bureaucracy, and Big Pharma…

And these are just part of the tragic consequences.

Churches were unconstitutionally closed in most states.

Children suffered with school shutdowns, and in some states like California, for 2 years, including ineffective mask mandates.

We lost vote security and election integrity.

We lost the right to peacefully assemble.

Businesses were forced into bankruptcy… And those that survived were set back decades… All while the favored large corporations grew bigger and more successful.

COVID was a tragedy, manmade (in a China lab) or not.

Over one million Americans died—Most under President Biden (who said he’d end it “forever” if elected).

Now after over two years, we know the lockdowns, vaccinations, masking, and more were a failure—They don’t work.

We now know we must live with COVID—It isn’t going away.

But now he extends the National Public Emergency for COVID?


Did he extend it for what reasons? Political Reasons?

Here’s the lesson: Socialist and bureaucrats always want more power.

Socialists and Bureaucrats never give up power.

It’s time to change congress in the midterms and stop this insanity…and danger to freedom.

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