Are Evangelical Millennials Leaving Christianity?

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A lot has been said about kids in college and in their 20’s falling away from the Lord.


  • They were never taught apologetics and Biblical truth by the youth group – too much fun and games and warm fuzzy feelings.
  • Their parents divorced, or have always been single parents.
  • Kids are not taught how to live with the freedoms and temptations of the world.

These and more are all true.

But here is an interesting statistic from the Pew Study on religion (see last issue, here).

They found a huge increase in “nones” millennials from 2007-2014. “Nones” are those who hold to no religious beliefs. They increased from 25% to 35% of all millennials – a large 10% increase.

But this increase was not from evangelical millennials. This increase in “nones” was from other groups. Evangelical millennials were 21% in 2007… and 21% in 2014. Some of these were recent converts of course. But there was not a statistically large depression.

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