“I have been using your voting guidance for judges for a number of years and have really appreciated how you have expanded to all of the ballot measures and other elected offices. Most of us don’t have the knowledge or skills to properly weigh all the issues involved with so many voting decisions in a single election.

I just want to say thank you for your faithfulness to God’s Word and the humble attitude of your publications. I have shared your recommendations with a number of my friends and when they “tested” your views, they found them faithful and now rely on them.   I wish you and your ministry continued success as you continue to bring your faith to your recommendations. Writing this email I realized I have never added you or your ministry to my prayer list – but now you are there and I will continue to pray for you.”

John R.

“I’ve been receiving your newsletter for several years now and can say, without a doubt, it has helped me make Biblical choices on various issues. You are the only source that provides me with the truth.

“From issues that affect me and my family to signing petitions to specific issues that just apply to the area I live in, and especially now with this very important election. Thank you so much for your hard work and for so expertly and competently researching ALL the issues and passing them on to us. God Bless you!”

Donna Liebel

“Thanks Craig for speaking truth. Your guidance in this election, your countless hours spent on explanations of what each candidate, judicial, state measures, county, etc. pro’s and con’s. We are very thankful for your faithfulness to GOD and country. May Christ Jesus have mercy on us and heal our land.”

Ron Ruff