4 Powerful Ways It’s a Victory: Supreme Court Green Lights President’s Travel Ban

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The Supreme Court just ruled on the media and its hysteria on the travel ban. … and liberal activist judges who declared Trump’s travel ban on 6 lawless, terrorist-infested countries unconstitutional.

The court said: Wrong.

In fact, the decision was ruled “per curiam,” meaning it was rendered by a majority of the court, acting collectively and unanimously.

There is no breakdown as to how the jurists voted, although three of the conservative judges wanted the full ban implemented.

It’s a victory for:

  1. Stopping judicial activists
  2. For Trump exercising his presidential authority in foreign affairs
  3. For truth
  4. For the safety of you and your family

The 90-day ban takes effect Thursday morning.

The Supreme Court said it will hear the full case, if needed, this fall.

The ban affects nationals from the following six countries with poor to non-existent vetting systems:

  • Iran
  • Yemen
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Libya

The ban excludes foreign nationals from entering the United States, except for:

  • College students
  • Workers recruited by firms in the U.S.
  • Nationals who have blood relatives living in the U.S.

The media and the “Resist” movement created hysteria without fact or logic.

The liberal judicial activists acted unconstitutionally.

It’s a huge win.

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Read the complete court transcript here.

5 Comments on “4 Powerful Ways It’s a Victory: Supreme Court Green Lights President’s Travel Ban”

  1. Great overview Craig. When I visited a middle east on a Christian prayer journey, I saw some people there glared at us with hate. Thank YHWH for some common sense. The liberal irrational ignorant anti Trump diatribe is so ignorant. If they were victims of attacks…. they would finally see the truth, they are hated because they are Americans. Thank you President Trump for caring for citizen safety.

  2. If only people would see this is not hate! It is common sense. God is at work in these situations and helping the President, too! Thank you Lord!

  3. I still question how those who have family coming from these or other terrorist countries, how is it they have a right to come here just because a family member is here.
    So , a few family members are here and now they are expecting the whole clan to come here. Is there any vetting?

  4. Everyone asking to be allowed into our country should be vetted! No exceptions! Just because one has family here does not necessarily mean that person is ok. If adequate vetting is not possible for a particular person, then they don’t get in. Why is that not simple?

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